Reopening Plans for Adventist Colleges and Universities in North America

Many headlines across North America have focused on how millions of students of all ages will be able to continue their education as the 2020-2021 school year approaches. Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities are no exception.

The 11 Adventist institutions of higher education located within the territory of the North American Division have made extensive preparation for the campus life and learning environments of their students by prioritizing safety and wellness.

“Our tertiary institutions have uniquely positioned themselves at a time when teaching and learning has been redefined,” said Arne Nielsen, vice president of the North American Division for education. “Our institutions have taken the many steps needed to ensure the safety of students and staff alike with the 'new normal,' allowing innovation, creativity, and collaboration to flourish within and across our schools of higher learning.”

The colleges and universities have maintained a commitment to their missions of providing wholistic education while adapting to their respective local government mandates related to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Adherence to the guidelines for social distancing include adjustments of class sizes, food services, movement around campus, and dorm life. The institutions are also requiring health screening for students, staff, and visitors – testing for symptoms related to the novel coronavirus.

In addition, the colleges and universities are offering a “hybrid” class attendance option, allowing students to attend classes in-person or online while living either on or off-campus.

The Adventist colleges and universities are beginning the school year as scheduled or a week or two prior to their original start dates. The schools in the United States will end their semester or quarter by the Thanksgiving holiday, with the following semester or quarter beginning in January – as opposed to a limited break for Thanksgiving, then resuming instruction for a few weeks before dismissing students again for the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays.

Below is a list with links to reopening plans* of Adventist colleges and universities in North America for the upcoming school year as of July 29, 2020:

AdventHealth University – Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado

Andrews University – Berrien Springs, Michigan

Burman University – Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

Kettering College – Kettering, Ohio

La Sierra University – Riverside, California

Loma Linda University – Loma Linda, California

Oakwood University – Huntsville, Alabama

Pacific Union College – Angwin, California

Southern Adventist University – Collegedale, Tennessee

Southwestern Adventist University – Keene, Texas

Union College – Lincoln, Nebraska

Walla Walla University – College Place, Washington

Washington Adventist University – Takoma Park, Maryland


*As plans may change, please check periodically with individual schools for updates.


This article was written Mylon Medley and originally appeared on the NAD website.

Photo by Bruno de Oliveira, Pacific Union College, courtesy of the NAD website: Rajeev Sigamoney, professor of film for Pacific Union College, leads a class outdoors on the school’s campus while exercising social distancing protocols.


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All schools among us will soon be closed up. How much more might have been done had men obeyed the requirements of Christ in Christian beneficence! What an influence would this readiness to give all for Christ have had upon the world! It would have been one of the most convincing arguments in favor of the truth we profess to believe – an argument which the world could not misunderstand nor gainsay… {RY 91.3}

Henry, are you quoting or only referencing?
And why are you coming up with such a hostile criticism. People are suffering and dying due to a pandemic, and there you are throwing rocks on everyone. Why is that? Do you feel that the world is some kind of modern Nineveh and you are Jonah 2.0?
Just curious… :thinking:


This is a quote from the EGW compilation “Retirement Years,” ostensibly advice from Ellen to those in their “golden years.” Of course, Ellen’s words “all schools among us will soon be closed up” were written over a hundred years ago, so I’m not certain if we are still within the prophetic time period given here, LOL. Nevertheless, COVID-19 poses an existential threat to many colleges and universities of all types, and many observers have noted that not all institutions will survive the storm. The overall financial position of IHE’s will have a lot to do with how they come out on the thrive-survive-struggle-perish spectrum. A number of FTIAC’s (first-time-in-any-college students) are deciding to either start classes remotely or take a gap year. Returning students, as well, are making last-minute decisions in consultation with their parents to remain at home and do whatever they can online. There is a widespread belief that the virus will increase in intensity during the fall and winter months until–God willing–we get an effective vaccine. Many institutions are projecting preparedness and confidence, but deep down none of us really knows what to expect.


“Jonah 2.0?”

Need you ask? :smirk:


Truth be told, the fear narrative has impacted many. Fear of everyone getting sick, which is not true, and the fear of lawsuits, which is likely, and the fear of death, which seems a bit out of place for a Christian. Life on this earth is not without risk and neither is it permanent. This truth cannot be changed.



Do you usually miss the point and focused on the negative? just asking :thinking: :thinking:

The schools listed in this post appear to be saying that they will reopen on a set schedule.

Years ago EGW stated that a day would come when our schools will be closed.

COVID-19 has closed our schools as she predicted and it remains to be seen as to how long they will be closed or if this is but a foretaste of what is yet to come?

Is there not something written about us needing to fall on the Rock or the rocks will crush us?

I will leave that to your curiosity…

It is good to be reminded from time to time that the Lord knew what He was doing when He gave warnings to His people thru His prophet. EGW was right even though we may not have understood what she meant when she wrote various things a hundred years ago. As they come to pass, they have a way of explaining themselves. And EGW stated that when the schools close they will not have done what they could have done if they had been properly financed. That was the context of her comment. How can a man of your generosity read that as if it were “hostile criticism”? It is simply the context, which is now self-evident. If this is the school closing that EGW wrote about, and their usefulness is at its end, they failed to do all that they could have done had they done better earlier on.:astonished:

Your entire comment was well stated.
I expect that this is the onset of the little time of Trouble
and that which is ahead is going to be even worse that it has been thus far.

  1. On the contrary, rather than “missing the point,” I am clearly seeing your intentions and identifying the tactics you are utilizing to subvert reality with “smart creativity.” Nice try Henry…
  2. Recognizing delusion is not to be called “focusing on the negative.” With a long term professional experience in Mental Health, seasoned psychotherapists usually have no difficulty identifying one’s underlying condition. In the spiritual realm, it’s also not difficult to recognize fanaticism, even for lay people…

Based on a vision (the Camden vision) she also predicted that “the door will be shut,” Only to, seven years later, to backpaddle when people around her called her on the absurdity of the “prediction.” That was one of those “I was shown” that were way too off even for people who supported her - like her own husband.


I have the gut feeling that only a few educational institutions in our whole society will survive. Actually, we are “being shown” … that the world is changing so much that the old normal will never return.

Online school is different, but it may also be much better at the end of the day. Much more convenient, can be extremely cheaper (affordable), way more pragmatic, and even superior in efficiency. So, why not? I support virtual education.

Churches (denominations) will also be challenged, becoming financially more effective. Imagine now having so many pastors ans buildings just for one church to operate. When basically one or two pastors can operate much less expensive services for tens of thousands at a time. The survival of the fittest - unskilled and inefficient pastors will have to look for another job. In our case, the Conferences and the GC (along with Divisions) should be wiped out, only Unions should survice to maintain unity - but with a very reduced staff. No traveling necessary, everything online, via the blessed ZOOM!

I am attending the “Roy Branson Legacy SS” (Loma Linda, led by David Larson) and having a much richer. meaningful spiritual/learning experience than going to any church on Saturday morning. I am also interacting much more with people than I used to be able being physically in a church. Over two hours of a meeting that we have no problem if it goes to three hours. Rich, interesting, interacting, motivating. Contacting people from all over the world. What can be better? Ask @elmer_cupino and @cincerity! And I don’t have to stay captive eitrher, standing, while a little group on the stage delight themselves with some nonsensical repetition of the same sentence for 17 times… (and they call it “music” …)

Yes, times have changed for good this time. I am not sure if any church will ever see me again…


I will look at you concern if you give me an exact reference. And make you comment more specific as to why you are concerned about her statement.

  1. Google “Ellen White Camden Vision.” This should do it. (You don’t know about the “Shut Door Doctrine?”… :open_mouth: )
  2. I am not “concerned” about her statement.
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Don’t you miss the hugging? :blush: I miss hugging.


Hi Kate,

What is the situation with schools where you are located?


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I know that there was a controversy about the shut door, but when I came across it (years ago), I settled it and do not remember much about it now (the blessings of having more of my life behind me than ahead of me). Searched those terms you cited and did not see anything controversial. So, unless you have some specifics to go on, I do not see the problem.

By George! You are steaming hot this early morning.

Church will never be the same anymore. It now is a smorgasbord of services and will be fueled by tolerance of opinions. Don’t like your current service? Head on to Sligo, PMC, LLU church, WWC and across time zones. Whoever holds my attention gets my offering. Period!

I’m so thrilled with the RBLSS. I once attended their physical class in Loma Linda but I prefer the Zoom session by far. I wonder how Carol @cfowler liked the session. Anne @laurel has been a regular too. Perhaps Kate @Kate or Andreas @andreas can come and join us too. And just our luck George, Henry @Hischild can give a presentation of his prophecies…


Hi C., You are always very welcome. Normal school routine after summer break with, of course, rules of hygiene. We will see how long this will work. Many universities will start a bit later with a lot of normal classes and, where it is not possible due to room situations, online classes. There are many different rules in Europe. Some countries are less strict, some are. It really depends on how badly the countries are infected by the virus. Adventist schools here receive less money due to COVID situation, and they have to be creative how to deal with it. However, I have not heard about any university closing due to finances.


I would love to join, Elmer. My local church meets outside in the church garden every Sabbath afternoon and I participate. I am not sure if this collides with the RBLSS. Can you please tell me when it starts and tell me the time zone?


The Zoom session start 10:30 Pacific Standard Time each Saturday. Pastor and Mrs. Bruinsma were present while in their home in the Netherlands, 9 hours ahead of Loma Linda which means you will have to tell us what country you live in :rofl:. Kate I’ll email you the instruction this Friday…

Thank you, Elmer! I am also 9 hours ahead. That means I can participate. Great! Thank you very much for sending me the Zoom instructions.


Fantastic…we shall “see” you there! :smiley: