Rescuing Girls from FGM

I see that icon, but LOUNGE is not mentioned. I sent a note to the moderator, but did not get a reply. Maybe I will have to write something really nasty on one of their threads to get their attention.

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also @GeorgeTichy
A “trust level” of 3 or higher has automatic access to the Lounge section. Trust levels are set by the Discourse system. See this Discourse article on the topic. It appears Ralph is new and at Level 2 at this time.


Mel and @rseland , that’s what the system does automatically. However, in the past, there were several cases in which the @WebEd opened the gates of hell, er…, the Lounge manually. Maybe the WebEd won’t do it this time because you are my friend… :wink: :roll_eyes: :joy:
Will see.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published (Sep 2012) a policy statement on the medical circumcision of male newborn. While determining that the procedure’s benefits outweigh its risks, AAP does not go so far as to recommend universal newborn circumcision, saying instead that the decision should be left to parents “to make in the context of their religious, ethical and cultural beliefs.”

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if we care so much about the children
why is there no discussion on VACCINATIONS AND TECHNOLOGIES used

its is common in ancient PAGAN traditions and sects
for mother to sell children
its part of there economy
look at all old temples and artwork it shows there economic system

This is really a great question. I am glad that when people verbalize their concerns, certainly because they care about children. Therefore, may be you could bring up some ideas about "vaccinations and technologies for discussion, maybe something about the issue that is bugging you? Put it on the table Simon, it could be interesting. :+1:

Hi @Ralph_Seland, we don’t have any record of a message from you to the WebEd account regarding the Lounge or any other matter. We’re happy to add you though, and have just done so. No nasty comments needed.



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