Responding to Women-Ordaining Union Constituencies a Focus of General Conference Meetings

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More than 350 leaders of the Adventist church will be starting the Annual Council meetings this week in Silver Spring, Maryland. Among all the issues to be addressed, after talking to General Conference leaders, the Adventist News Network titled its article, Annual Council agenda: church’s response to two unions’ unilateral actions.

While the Adventist world church’s policy does allow for women to be commissioned as ministers, it does not allow for the ordination of women to ministry. The issue has become one of intense discussion again in recent years. Church officials said two union constituency sessions have authorized their executive committees to ordain women as ministers despite requests from Adventist world church leaders to wait for the committee’s conclusions.

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This is about now, Sept 2014? If so, why have they not condemned the Germans and the Dutch?

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No, this was from October 10, 2012.

Trust God.

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OK. Did they ever censure Holland?

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I don’t think they would dare!

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The van Diemans would come out in FULL force!