Responses from North American Adventist Colleges and Universities to COVID-19 Concerns

As coronavirus continues to spread, Adventist colleges and universities are responding in various ways. Some are transitioning to distance learning for the rest of the term and/or school year, while others are maintaining normal operations.

Below is a list of responses from Adventist colleges and universities in North America, along with direct links to information on the schools’ websites to learn more and stay up to date on this rapidly changing situation.

AdventHealth University

As of March 12, AHU has stated that “classes and activities will continue to take place as scheduled,” but the university “has increased infection prevention measures on campus, at housing locations, and on university shuttles.”

March 13 Update: “In light of newly identified COVID-19 cases in Central Florida, as well as the closure of all public and many private schools in Florida beginning March 16, AdventHealth University will accelerate its shift to remote learning.”

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Andrews University

On March 11, Andrews announced it would be switching to distance learning beginning Monday, March 23, at the end of the spring semester break. Additionally, Pioneer Memorial Church announced that effective immediately it will be switching to online-only worship.

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Burman University

In an update posted March 12, Burman announced that all “courses will move from face-to-face to online delivery beginning Monday, March 23, and for the remainder of the winter semester.”

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Kettering College

According to a statement issued March 10, “all face-to-face lecture class meetings are canceled until further notice” beginning March 11, and classes will “continue online and through digitally mediated means.” However, “clinical training activities for students are continuing at this time. Students and clinical instructors who appear ill should not attend clinicals. If you are sick, stay home and report your absence to your clinical instructor or program director.”

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La Sierra University

LSU announced on March 11 that beginning March 16 “academic instruction and exams will be delivered remotely” and that winter quarter exams will be delivered online. Additionally, “students will begin spring quarter on March 30, 2020 by registering for and starting their courses online.”

More information here:

Loma Linda University

On March 12, LLUH stated, “University leadership, in consultation with our health experts, has assessed the status of our campus and concluded that we can continue normal operations for the time being.” However, all major events on campus have been cancelled through April 30 or until further notice, according to an email from President Richard H. Hart. Meanwhile, Loma Linda University Church announced it will “suspend worship services and Sabbath school programs this Sabbath. We will take future weeks on a week-to-week basis, fully understanding that the potential for this suspension to last longer is high.”

March 13 Update: Winter Quarter exams will continue as planned, but Spring Quarter classes will “be moving to an online instructional format…except for pharmacy students,” with face-to-face instruction anticipated to resume for all students on May 4, 2020 (subject to change).

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Oakwood University

Oakwood announced on March 12 that it would maintain normal operations, but that it has suspended all university-sponsored international and domestic travel, and is “currently testing all systems to ensure that academic continuity is maintained in the event of a disruption. Testing its systems includes piloting the transfer of traditional face-to-face courses to an online platform. This is currently being implemented in a limited number of courses and the participating students and faculty have been notified. All other course offerings will continue as normal and students should report to classes, until further notice.”

March 13 Update: “Given today’s first reported case in the State of Alabama, we are escalating our institutional response to further protect our students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters and our larger Huntsville community…. As of March 13, 2020, Oakwood University students are asked to begin preparations to leave campus by Friday, March 20, 2020. Standard campus hours of operation remain in place for all University employees. All Spring 2020 face-to-face classes will be converted to social distance teaching through an online format beginning, Monday, March 23, 2020.”

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Pacific Union College

PUC announced on March 12 that “all face-to-face instruction on Pacific Union College campus will conclude after… Friday, March 13, 2020” with the plan to “deliver classes remotely (i.e., online) for the first four weeks of Spring Quarter, starting on Monday, March 30th.” The school currently plans to resume face-to-face classes on April 27th, 2020. The Alumni Homecoming scheduled for April 17-19 is also cancelled.

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Southern Adventist University

On March 12, Southern announced it “will move to online and/or video distance learning for the rest of the semester. Spring Break will be extended a week with classes resuming online on March 30, 2020.”

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Southwestern Adventist University

As of March 12, Southwestern stated it is currently “planning to continue classes, spring break, and campus events as currently scheduled. As this situation is evolving, updates will be promptly announced.”

March 13 Update: “Spring Break will be extended by one week, with limited on-campus activity resuming March 30. We are working to ensure our students are able to complete the courses they started this semester. This may include delivering selected course content online for the remainder of the term. Further information will soon be available.”

March 17 Update: “After Spring Break, students who choose to return to campus will be able to return to the residence halls upon clearance from Student Services. All courses are moving online effective March 30, 2020. Students may choose to live on campus or stay at home. Professors are actively preparing for the transition to the online format.”

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Union College

On March 12, Union stated, “campus leadership has decided to transition to an online model for classes following an extended two-week spring break. The break will begin as scheduled on March 16 and classes will now resume on March 30.”

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Walla Walla University

On March 12, WWU stated all face-to-face instruction would conclude on Friday, March 13, and winter quarter final exams would be administered online. “Walla Walla University will deliver classes remotely for the first four weeks of spring quarter, starting Monday, March 30, 2020,” with a “plan to reconvene face-to-face classes on Monday, April 27, 2020.”

Find updates here:

Washington Adventist University

WAU issued a statement on March 12 that it will cancel classes Monday and Tuesday (March 16-17) so faculty can prepare for online instruction which will begin Wednesday, March 18. “All classes will be taught through the… student learning platform through Friday, April 3rd, 2020 — after which the need to continue exclusive use of distance learning for the duration of the semester will be determined.”

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Editor's Note: This article was updated on Monday, March 16, to reflect the most recent information available.

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I wonder how all this will affect church attendance, tithe and offerings as well as the baptism of new members. I suspect that the churches that prosper are those that create a strong caring atmosphere of texting, calling and on line encouragements.

Orthodox rabbis in Bergen County, NJ, cancel all synagogue services, gatherings


I saw in the news this morning that the Mormons are canceling all their church services worldwide.I wonder if the SDAs will do the same. Around here, LSU, Azure Hills, Palm Springs,and probably some other churches will keep doors closed until it’s safe to open them again. In CA no gatherings of more than 250 people is legal now.

Did I hear that we cannot have more than 10 Spectrumites logged in at the same time?.. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Hopefully it will affect it a lot! People don’t need to be gathering right now. Especially older folks, which is a big part of the SDA church. Staying home and resting, isn’t that the reason Sabbath was given to begin with? Tithes and offerings…they will get there at some point. Baptisms? No problem rescheduling those. Baptisms aren’t salvational, just a symbol.


This deep dive into online classes would be a good time to find out if we can move to a model where we have a single university with multiple campuses. Where students can take any degree from any campus using a mix of in-person and online classes. True, some labs may only be available in-person at a few campuses but most students should be able to spend most of their time on the campus of their choice. This should save money by making better use of the resources we have while saving the best of our current systems.


my church here in calgary is cancelling tomorrow and next week…probably all the adventist churches in calgary will do the same…

We, the adults, are very much in danger of covid 19 than the young ones. Its trying to wipe out the elderly.


Eventually, the financial climate is going to force this issue anyway.


The Santa Fe SDA Church here has cancelled services for the time being which probably means it may be conference wide. It is just a smart move overall.


I wonder how longer it will be until the decision to cancel GC2020 happens? Many of those delegates would be passing through airports in Europe and who knows if they will be open, etc. So many other parts of the world have yet to be affected.


Now people may, finally, understand the wisdom of my running platform in 2015 … :thinking: Remember? I wanted to win the Presidency :roll_eyes: in order to dismantle the GC within 6 months. Because the GC was (and still is) completely irrelevant.

If we no longer had the GC in the picture, it all would be much easier to deal with now. Each Division could take care of themselves without spending a fortune with a meeting that is just informal deception since the names are “elected” in a “pre-election” by a small group and then just voted in the plenary as quickly as in 90 seconds (remember 2010?) An expensive farce, with phantom delegates from around the world.

I don’t see how the GC could insist in going ahead with the plans for this Session. Time to be realistic and act accordingly. Will they???


You are correct, the institution structure has become one that exists for the sake of maintaining traditions and itself. It baptizes but does not create disciples. Indoctrination has replaced growth in in Christ. Earnest study for truth has been replaced by static doctrine and zealous repression of clergy considered out of line. It has sunk so low that idolatrous worship of tradition has obscured the true religion of Jesus and his transformational power of the heart. Our high calling is lost in hubris and half truths…


"An expensive farce, with phantom delegates from around the world."

I often marvel at your descriptive phrases…:rofl:

"I don’t see how the GC could insist in going ahead with the plans for this Session. Time to be realistic and act accordingly. Will they???"

Best guess is that it is a “wait and see” game. If you go onto the GC site for announcements about the event, they state that they are working with local authorities and will have plenty of hand sanitizers. Doesn’t sound too realistic to me right now. :thinking::roll_eyes:


Current GC leadership appears to have forgotten that God is the Author of Science and presumes that their own human “wisdom” can supersede God’s. By considering that they can ignore rather than use our God-given intelligence to cancel or postpone the planned the June convocation echoes of presumption and hubris.


Hard to argue with that…and it wouldn’t be the first time that they have appeared to (or have) supersede science. :roll_eyes:

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Now is the time for clarity. Cancel immediately. Reconvene June 2021. Let people deal with the pandemic in their areas. It’s a global emergency.


How ironic that a group that started as a “scattered” flock and views a “time of trouble” as a time to shelter in place, feels the need to maintain a universal (catholic?) united front at a worldwide gathering.
We could replace our denominational pride, the self-congratulating reports, the world-wide compliance, the extra-ordinary costs, with a living connection with God. The struggles with ordination and distribution of funds could be put in the rear-view mirror.
Time for a new picture of church. Is God providentially opening a new way through the devil’s destructive program? Time now for house churches? Time for two or three to gather in his name? Time for decentralization? Can we actually choose this path; or must we wait until the next virus forces decentralization?

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Too many bugs messing up our lives right now.
Including TB (Trump Bug)… :innocent: :innocent:

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