Rest in Peace C. Raymond Holmes

I walked across the school playground to the church for my appointment with the pastor. I was still sweating after playing ball during recess, while he sat behind his desk in his office wearing a suit and tie. He asked me a lot of questions, “Why do you want to be baptized? What has Jesus done for you? What are you going to do for Him?” I didn’t realize until many years later the significance of this interview. Dr. Holmes did me a kindness as he led me to spend about thirty minutes witnessing for Jesus.

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Exactly when did he die?

Dr C. Raymond Holmes, his wife and their two young teenage children, arrived in the Philippines in 1977. It was a time of transition for Philippine Union College, starting its move from the old campus to a new one whose development was still in progress, Phase 1 involved the transfer of the graduate and seminary faculty that Dr Holmes had recently joined. It was pioneering work and as a consequence, in addition to his academic responsibility of teaching and coordinating the Church Ministry program of the seminary, he was assigned the duty of founding pastor of the fledgling congregation composed mostly of expat academics, their families, national support staff and a conglomeration of international students from East and Southern Asia as well as some countries of Africa. In his characteristic wry sense of humor, Dr Holmes summed up their collective experience stating that under quite normal working and living conditions back in the homeland, they probably would not have chosen each other as their neighbors,


"Dr. C. Raymond Holmes, a former minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America who became a Seventh-day Adventist in 1971, passed to his rest in the early morning of June 16, 2022, while conducting a seminar at the annual Michigan Conference camp meeting."

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