Revelation: For Re-Readers Only

(reliquum) #121

Thanks for clarifying, good, you seem to have recovered your momentarily lost hubris

Dennis, are you a member of Fresno-Asian SDA Church?
Tell us a bit about you-what is your profession/training?
Your art (besides “obstinate debater” lol)?
Do you have a family/kids/wife?
Knowing this will undoubtedly help us reciprocate your promise to @1QOL

(does anyone else sense may be a millenial reincarnate or clone?
something about his convo evokes anti-nostalgia)

(Dennis Kean) #122

In case you did not notice it, you have already made a custom adjustment to me. And that is why I am reciprocating. You cannot re-reciprocate. That makes no sense…


Sarah Irving-Stonebraker recently was able to figure it out!
See her May 2017 article “How Oxford and Peter Singer drove me from atheism to Jesus”

(Frankmer7) #124

This guy has such a confused way of interpreting the scriptures that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. A combination of proof texting, reading out of context, covenantal confusion, and stratification of the NT with no regard for sources, that the best decision is to get off this merry-go-round, Sirje!

I wouldn’t bother getting on.



(Patrick Travis) #125

In 45 yrs. I’ve never seen a rehabbed SDA perfectionist of Andreasons mentality. Useless energy. Perhaps a Job experience would be a blessing. Even though an upright man his self pride ultimately he became aware of and he repented. There is always a degree of self pride left in LGT that only God can remove.

(Steve Mga) #126

Very Important!
Are we looking at Orthodox, Conservative, OR Reformed???
Makes a difference in some ways.

(Dennis Kean) #127

Alluding to, instead of showing a problem, is not worth the time you spent writing that post. Anyone can allege, suggest, make innuendos. The man who can point to an issue with clarity is the one who can carry the day!

(Dennis Kean) #128

When God says do not eat this and that it is unfit for you, what more do you need to take it seriously?

(Frankmer7) #129

I’ve gone back and forth with you before. I’ve pointed out some of the issues. You believe what you believe, and it won’t make a dent or a difference. I won’t go there again.


(Tim Teichman) #130

It’s hard to take it seriously when God also said this:

“Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”

and “But food does not bring us near to God; we are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do.”

If you try to follow every tidbit of direction in the bible you’ll lose your mind.

(Dennis Kean) #133

You made no exchange with me on this thread whatsoever, before now! Last August your comments were exactly the same. You made allegations and accusations and not one sound argument. Allegations have no use. It is used to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. I too can say to you “I proved you wrong and you know it”, but I do not have your fears. I am very confident in the words of God and I am well read in them. And the moment you prove me wrong I will change my mind. The truth is too precious to hold on to error in order to spite the opposition. I love to be proved wrong. It is a special treat for me. I came here specifically to improve my insights. Can you say the same thing?

(Patrick Travis) #134

Job 42:1-6. Hope you get there.

(George Tichy) #136

Maybe another LGTarian infiltrating some confusing ideas??? :thinking: :thinking:

(George Tichy) #137

Challenging the LGT and uncovering its fallacies may irritate some people. I mean…, the LGTarians!!! Heretics don’'t like to be caught!
Let’s see how it unfolds this time… :wink:

(Frankmer7) #138

I, along with many others on that thread, addressed your abrasive manner that often borders on hubris. Shortly after that, you were the one who was banned. Your manner has been brought up here again, by Pat, and Tim. You discounted that.

I’ve also brought up the same issues that I saw in August/Sept. You piece meal the Scriptures out of context, and read the Bible in a flat, acontextual manner. I said it then; we’re at a level of differing hermeneutics. It’s too long to unravel, and no one usually changes their mind.

I’m not taking the time to address your particular arguments, because the hermeneutical sub-strata is the place to begin. We’re simply too far apart there to even attempt something that involved… and eventually that frustrating.

Blessings to you…


(joel Chesimet) #144

Being an Adventist can be a curse and a blessing-almost simultaneously. Our theological somersaults are dizzying and at times landing in an abyss.
Given the frequency of death and it’s inevitability, the knowing Him who has keys of Death and Hades and “re-reading” His narratives of life and history, brings sanity and sense.

(Johnny Carson) #145

@dkean Okay, I realize that you’re no longer allowed on here but, If it takes all that to explain the simpleness of the Gospel, then I’ll take my chances and forego your counsel, opting instead for the words of Jesus in John 11:25

“Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

It seems so much simpler…

(George Tichy) #146

What is going on? What is wrong with those guys that they can’t go a block (a blog???) without violating some simple rules of decent engagement in a conversation on a Christian site? Can anyone explain it to me please?

(Johnny Carson) #147

Great question to which for which I have no answer, just observations. I think that every millennial so far has been unable to refrain from taking things personally. They react by lashing out in response to reason or to observations and questions that call their most closely held beliefs into question.

(reliquum) #148

I suspect it is a self-fulfilling prophesy calisthenic, beginning and ending in the self-justified righteous indignation; they are victims of their own machinations, but believe they are abused because everybody does not thank them for their sacrifices, nor buy their snake oil . Spiritual haute couture, a sartorial skill that unravels almost most readily when it snags a bit of truth…