Reviewing the. . .Pacific Union Recorder: April

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April, 2008

GENERAL COMMENTS Our church leadership needs to do some serious thinking about why, given all our educational, evangelistic and outreach activities, church membership in the Union isn't growing by leaps and bounds. Church members are doing their part.

If you aren't one of the 75,000 subscribers to this magazine, check it out online at Churches in the Pacific Union, and that includes Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah are involved in an amazing number of evangelistic and community outreach programs. While I'm not going to review them all, they are all activities that we can take pride in as an Adventist church family.

ANOTHER AMAZING FACT Adventist broadcasting is alive and well in the Pacific Union. We can tune in to: 3ABN, ACN, Amazing Facts, Between the Lines, Breath of Life, Faith for Today, Freedom's Ring, Hope Channel, It Is Written, La Voz de la Esperanza, Lifetalk Radio, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, The Quiet Hour, and Voice of Prophecy.

EDITORIAL: MAKING A DEFFERENCE Ricardo Graham reminds us all that though "we may not be able to heal the sick as Jesus did, we can teach people principles of healthy living. Our cupboards may not feed at 5000, but we have enough to share Sabbath dinner with church visitors or donate a bag of groceries to a food drive".

FRESNO ACADEMY GOES SOLAR Their completed solar array covers 2.2 acres, and the projected first year’s savings is $10,000!

ALTADENA CHURCH MEMBERS REACH OUT WITH CLEAN UP Altadena church member Dave Roberts inspired more than 100 community members, high school students, and city volunteers to clean up the streets around the local high school. In addition, community health services were provided by the Glendale Adventist Medical Center. The City Council was impressed and promised continued support for the program.

MESA GRANDE'S SPORTS PROGRAMACCOMMODATES SPECIAL-NEEDS YOUTH The Lady Cardinals, a perennial basketball championship team from Mesa Grande Academy, sponsored "an afternoon of fun, camaraderie and training in basketball fundamentals" for special-needs kids in their community.

TEAM BAPTIZES 710 IN INDIA An evangelistic team from the Southeastern California Conference making its fourth trip to India not only conducted meetings that resulted in 710 baptisms, but gave out 1000 Bibles and 700 pairs of glasses.

LSU SERVICE-LERANING PROGRAM RECEIVES NATIONAL RECOGNITION La Sierra University has again been recognized for the amazing contributions LSU students have made locally and internationally. In 2006-07 students performed 44,478 hours of service work. 790 students participated in service learning courses, and 156 others performed additional outreach work.

MORE NUTTY NEWS Walnuts are an unbelievably healthy food. In addition to cleaning up cholesterol buildup in arteries, "adding walnuts to a fatty meal seems to help reduce the post-meal damage to blood vessel walls".

PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS AND THE SUPREME COURT Alan J. Reinach, Esq. reminds us that a number of Supreme Court Justices will leave the Court in the next few years, and "however you cast your vote this fall, know that one of the important implications of your choice

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