Reviewing the Review

January 22, 2009 - Vol. 186, No. 3

GENERAL COMMENTS This Adventist Review is quintessential. There are no critical letters, no daring editorials, no controversial essays, no thought provoking devotionals, no “stop-the-presses’ news, no editorial blunders, not one graphic faux pas. Consequently, while it may be entertaining to read, it warrants only a brief review.

COMMENTS Kid’s View is finding its feet as a magazine. Kudos to Designer, Merle Poirier. Wilona Karimabadi and Kimberly Luste Maran are proving to be an excellent editorial team. I only have one “bone to pick” with this issue. It’s two statements in the second paragraph in the cover story. “Millions of people worship Buddha and pray to a god who can’t hear them. They believe that praying to him and giving offerings of flowers, food, and money will get them a reward.” The first sentence is naïve and misleading. The second sentence seems similar to Christian children’s prayerful expectations.

The Complex Issue of Prostate Cancer by Allan R. Handysides and Peter N. Landless is definitely worth a read.

Light Bearers Then and Now by Robert G. Wearner provides an up-to-date look at the boats that continue Adventist mission work on the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers.

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