Revisiting Ted Wilson's 2012 Appeal to Pacific Union

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This is one of the most hypocritical statements I’ve ever seen. Everything Ted Wilson said in it was completely disregarded when the TOSC results did not support Ted’s expectation- and he then trashed it all very quickly.

What should be done with a GC President who said to believe that the Holy Spirit guided the TOSC but he rejected the conclusions of that group guided by the Spirit. It’s either Ted didn’t believe the Spirit would guide and made a hypocritical statement, or he just rejected the Spirit-guided conclusions.

And he was re-elected? And now given more power? I bet the church members around the world are totally oblivious, in the dark about all this scandalous situation. .

(Bill Garber) #22

A check of the official Archives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church does not appears too house the document submitted to the TOSC nor the reports produced by the TOSC or the voted results of this million-dollar research undertaking.

Might, at last, this be a good time to mount a campaign to post the full collection online here? Is David Trimm being kept from posting these documents?

As I recall, it was 9 out of 13 divisions which in their division biblical research report confirmed that Biblical precedent does not prevent the ordination of women, and that they as a division would be fine with Union Conferences elsewhere in the world ordaining women so long as it as not forced on their Union Conferences to ordain women. If this is how it actually turned out, then it would be helpful if the official denominational website documented this in their archives. In fact, even if it is not how it turned out, it is vital they this investment be fully documented in the denominational archives.

Or so it seems.


Our Bible says God raises and pulls down governments. Well, yours might say “kings”. We are also informed to pray for our leaders - and our enemies.

To me, we - the general membership - need to routinely pray for our local Church leaders, our Country’s or State’s leaders all the way to the General Conference. Just as i regularly pray for business, government and other secular leadership. And for people who choose to misrepresent God in whatever form that takes.

We live in times of trouble whether from human construct, strange and devastating weather conditions, the world groaning - and / or supernatural circumstances.

As Paul exhorts - pray without ceasing. Remember that our sinless Leader, Messiah Jesus, prayed all night on occasions. How much more do we need to do so?!

(Frankmer7) #24

Yes…prayer for leadership is important. But, that does not discount holding those in power accountable, and speaking out against abuses of power and hypocrisy. After all, while Jesus prayed all night at times, he also spoke openly to the abuse of power and called out the hypocrisy of the religious leaders and authorities of his day.




Agreed Frank. The purpose of my writing was a way to suggest something positive. It seems to me that our recent Spectrum correspondence is tending towards the negative. God bless.

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For some reason, if you search through the Archive site it isn’t coming up. BUT, if you google it, there is a whole subsection. The link to the Ordination area is here: (

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of each page and subpage or your may miss important info. We’ve had a lot more studies on the issue than I realized…

The link to the TOCS is here:

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Thanks Melody,

Search is a challenge, especially inside a vast hosted collection. This is really helpful information.

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