Rob Vandeman, Former Chesapeake President, Passes Away

Rob Vandeman, the recently retired executive secretary of the Columbia Union and former president of Chesapeake Conference, passed away this morning surrounded by his wife, Judy, and their family, at his home in Clarksville, Md. after a yearlong battle with cancer. 

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A lifetime service to the church should be recognized and appreciated as it is in the case of Robert Vandeman. Jerry Lutz, who is quoted in paying homage to Robert Vandeman, is president of the Chesapeake Conference. Jerry was a successful pastor in the latter 1980’s at the Porterville Seventh-day Adventist Church in California. He would meet weekly with a group of teenagers at our house as they studied and prayed regarding future baptism. My two older sons were part of this group and were baptized by Pastor Lutz. I appreciate the service to the church members of dedicated individuals like Pastors Vandeman and Lutz.

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