Rocky Mountain Conference Statement on Tragedy in Boulder, Colorado

RMCNews — Denver, Colorado, March 23, 2021 …The Rocky Mountain Conference is mourning with the community of Boulder after a senseless act of violence claimed the lives of ten individuals, including a law enforcement officer.

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i wonder if it’s time for our church to throw its influence squarely behind Democratic efforts to ban assault style weapons, strengthen background checks, and basically repeal the 2nd amendment…after all, if there are fewer guns in circulation, there should be fewer gun crimes…

"A judge in Colorado blocked Boulder’s two-year-old ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines earlier this month. … Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman ruled on March 12 that the 2018 ban, which outlawed the possession, sale or transfer of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines (LCMs), was invalid because it runs contrary to state law. "

yes, i saw that…hartman’s NRA friendly ruling is especially disappointing, given that he was appointed by hickenlooper, colorado’s Dem governor before his election as the state’s junior senator (days after this ruling, ahmad al aliwi alissa purchased one of the firearms used in the boulder mass shooting)…but it can’t be considered unexpected…colorado has a 2003 state law saying that local governments can’t prohibit the sale or possession of firearms, since the regulation of firearms is a state prerogative…so while boulder is expected to appeal this ruling to the state’s supreme court, it won’t be successful…

one wonders why the colorado’s Dem legislature can’t get it together to tighten firearm regulation on a state level, so that municipal governments don’t have to…

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Why will no one touch the 800 lb gorilla in the room; the threat of jihad. The perp is a Syrian refugee, a devout Muslim, an admirer of ISIS and the establishment of a world wide caliphate who wished to kill infidels. So, let’s blame guns and avoid the motive.

Without access to a gun would he have been rendered harmless? Remember the Jihad truck attack in Nice, France 4 years ago when a holy warrior killed over 100 by driving through a crowd on Bastille day? Was there a call for truck control? Where there is a will, there is a way.

It is time to restrict immigration of those adhering to an ideology which advocates the establishment of a theocracy by any means necessary.

It is also time to return to the involuntary institutionalization of those with dangerous mental disorders.

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