Ronny Nalin Appointed New Geoscience Research Institute Director

Fancy that! A religious denomination funds a whole institute just to look at geological science. Makes me wonder - are there any other denominations out there that invest so heavily in geological science research, and if so, are they able to monetise the research conducted?

Perhaps it could be argued that Adventists have indeed monetised the research. By “lending some credibility” to the theological claims that are made by the Adventists, people may well feel that the denomination’s perception of origins has scientific backing, which provides comfort to new and existing members, along with all the dollars that they bring in.

It still makes me wonder - is any other denomination out there throwing tithes and offerings at this stuff?


Other denominations, including Catholic and Protestant have approached the Creation Story, some with “scientific research institutes”. A well documented and informative history was published by former LLU Professor Ronald Numbers. Entitled “The Creationists, From Creationism to Intelligent Design, Expanded Edition” 2006. His search for truth is well worth reading by anyone seriously interested in this topic, including from Adventist backgrounds.


I don’t know, but I have noticed from time to time that YEC Evangelicals are referring to the work done by GRI.

If you compare it with the American evangelicals’ wholehearted endorsement of Mr. Trump and the negative message that endorsement sends to their kids, to the unchurched, and anyone else who may notice, “throwing tithes and offerings at this stuff” is small potatoes.


According to one of my informants (picture below), the Evangelicals are seriously considering to increase support to Mr. Trump by repudiating Dr. Fauci.

Now I am completely confused!~ Should I support Dr. Fauci who has been telling the truth for 40 years as a professional and reliable scientist, or should I go with those so-called Christians that support Mr Trump, who has been lying to everyone for over 70 years?

Maybe I will read Mary Trump’s book before making my decision.

Here is Mr. Info:


After reading the book, would you be kind to post a review to spare us some time? Or have a review on your review by a particular qualified individual who has done it effectively in the past.

Thank you. :rofl:


Oh Welcome Elmer!

I am sure that that “particular individual” can write a review without even reading the book or any review at all… :rofl:

@bness :roll_eyes:


Best factual narrative and great commentary, authorship is by a niece who is a psychologist.
If you read it carefully you will understand Trump’s
Life and evil deeds. The phrase “sins of the father” takes on greater meaning.
Sam Geli


There we go Sam, this is already a great book review, I guess we don’t need more than this. It’s so thorough that Bryan @bness doesn’t even need to bother reviewing the review anymore… :laughing:


Hey, just a minute buster, I am not the one who reviews reviews unless you mean a review of a review in the Review that is itself a review of a review, in which case mine would be a review of a review of a review. I hope I have made myself completely clear. :grin: :laughing:


Not really. I am now a little bit confused by your review of my prior comment. I need some time to review your review… :rofl:


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