“Room for Everyone”: Swedish Union Issues Statement about LGBT+ Individuals

(Butch Jones) #81

Are we to entertain those thoughts?

Dreams we can’t control, but while we are awake we can control our thoughts. Jesus said, even if you look at a woman with lust you have committed adultery. This shows it’s the “thought” that is the sin.

On the same thing, we can’t control what thoughts enter our mind, but after that we have the power to change out thoughts to something else.

This is why I don’t go to the beach, or watch TV shows or movies where I know there will be sexual content. That doesn’t always work, so there are times I have to change the channel, or stop the movie half way through so I don’t have to have those thoughts. Our lifestyle can determine how often those thoughts enter our mind and I’m sure with some people it happens more.

Every 30 seconds? I don’t have that problem (thank you Lord), so I can’t relate, but every day, multiple times? Yes, I have that, and have to divert my thoughts. Every 30 seconds sounds a bit extreme but I understand what you mean, I can only go by what I deal with, I don’t know what others have to go through or how hard their fight is so I’m not judging.

Still, are we to allow those thought to remain in our head or are we to put our minds on something else when they enter?

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(Maria V. Blair) #82

And that was probably the best wine ever made in the history of mankind…but the religious obssessed crowd does not want to admit that because they would have to rewrite EGW’s books on this subject. Good thing I never gave up on my coffee and never acquired the taste for Postum. I am not an alcoholic neither am I addicted to caffein but I love a glass of wine and I enjoy my coffee a couple of times a day without feeling one single oz. of guilt. Very liberating considering that for years in my brain washed religious state of mind it was so wrong. I would have loved to have been on that wedding feast.

(Tim Teichman) #83

I get a kick out of the link below. This is where you go when you’re rational and ask a serious question:

What wine would/did Jesus drink?

The article opens, rather smartly, with:
“It’s hard to ignore the prominence of wine in the Bible. According to the “Oxford Companion to Wine,” the vine is mentioned more than any other plant. A study at Brigham Young University in Utah found that the word yayin, one of many Ancient Hebrew words used for wine, is used 140 times in the Old Testament. The first thing Noah does post-flood upon reaching dry land is plant a vineyard, get trashed, and pass out in his tent. Later, Jesus shows up at a wedding with his disciples. During the reception, the wedding party runs out of wine and Jesus performs his first miracle, turning water into wine and saving the newlyweds from an epic faux pas. And toward the end of his life, Jesus uses wine at the last supper as a symbol of his blood. Wine plays a central role in the biblical narratives.”

(David) #84

It gets easier the older you get, I know from experience. Once you’re in the grave it’s a piece of cake!


(George Tichy) #85

Yes, it’s a gradual “involution” of thoughts…
Not so sure about the “in the grave experience.” Who knows for sure???

(Elmer Cupino) #86

Some thoughts are biologically influenced while others are not. Thoughts that are derivatives of testosterone spike up during early adolescents, reaches a peak until about 35 yo, regardless of mind control, and then diminishes until we get into our graves where it becomes a piece of cake as our good friend David @Galiman claims. LOL! Others such as “Should I vote for Sanders or Trump” are readily discarded. There is just so much that we can control, especially when we go “against the grain.”

(Peter) #87

I find your assumptions judgmental, unfair and wrong, Manuel. No part of the Adventist church is “just another Catholic system”, and to say that is a FALSE accusation. We ARE commanded to “Judge Not”! And your comments here seem like judging to me.

(Manuel Fernandez) #88

I am a second generation SDA. I’ll be an Adventist until I died; but let me explain my “judgement”. The SDA run on a two base systems, the Church of Christ and institutional church. My problem is with the institutional church, because when they approve policies using a non biblical foundation, I consider the institution in apostesy, following a secular/humanistic worldview and not a biblical worldview. So the Sweden document is a open the door for a total destruction of our institutional system. Just way and see how this corrupted system will be dispose off by the lay members. I have “a last day mentality”, because I am SDA.

(Manuel Fernandez) #89

The Sweden leaders are no thinking, because they are confronting an economic and non growth membership. So, it’s clear that they not guided by the Spirit of God, because with this document they are “hanging themselves” as an institution. Gone forever & ever!

(Steve Mga) #90

Conversion Therapy –
Some Conversion Therapy groups can be quite violent to the Psyche, and
to the Body.
I won’t go into them here. But am aware of different Church groups and
Private groups practices.
NOT Nice at times.

(Steve Mga) #91

Tim –
When discussion of WINE ended, you failed to report on Paul
In 1 Cor 11, his discussion of the Last Supper, which predates
ANY of the Gospels he discusses the use of Bread and Wine
at Meals by the believers. Both at home, and in group food
“pot lucks” at church.
At ANY meal where there happens to be “grain products” and
“grape products” becomes a Religious Service to remember
Jesus, His life, death, resurrection, and looking forward to
His return. The Body and Blood of Christ for us.

(David) #92

I have always maintained that EGW has been highly overrated. Toto has pulled away the curtain and the leadership doesn’t know how to deal with it.

EGW was a product of her times. The temperance movement was big in her day. Prohibition was simply the end result of that movement.

We can’t be too hard on Ellen, but at the same time we can’t afford to take what she said as the gospel.


(David) #93

You haven’t heard the knockings?

(William Vercio) #94

Everyone is tiptoeing around the real issue here, that God is doing something totally new in the world like He did when He came to earth in human form. A revolution is beginning which is every bit as radical as Jesus’ revolution. The judging of people as “worthy” or “unworthy” will be a thing of the past as we all realize that we are unworthy but that God loves us anyway. Finding status through our behavior or rule-keeping will be as unthinkable as being identified as gods was to Paul and Silas. Our salvation and hope will be based on three things: that God loves irrevocably no matter our sexual orientation or behavior or even our Sabbath-keeping or tithe-paying, that Jesus died for our sins and therefore we stand in perfect peace with God, and that “He who believes has eternal life” so we will spend our attention on keeping anything from distracting us from our faith. The 28 Fundamental Beliefs will not come between any believer and God again because we will accept the Holy Spirit as the Purveyor of truth, not ourselves. The fear of not “being ready” will evaporate when we read John 5 and realize that we who believe will not enter into judgment but have already passed from death to life. Conservatives who demand conformity to traditional beliefs will find that God has no more use for than perspective than Paul had for those who insisted on circumcision in the early church. It’s not too soon to start looking at things differently if you don’t want to exclude yourself from the kingdom of God which is coming near in anticipation of the end of this world.

(Gerald McDonald) #95

Elizabeth, what are you wanting me to say. What you want to hear, or what is in God’s Word.
Sin is sin. God says it is sin, and it is sin. It doesn’t matter who points out the sin, Even if an enemy tells you the truth that it is sin. It still will be sin.

If any of the sins that are laid out as given in His commandments, are broken, we must ask forgiveness and determine never to break them again. Out of love for Him. Shown to us by His death on the Cross.

(Steve Mga) #96

William –
It is VERY unfortunate that when the Canon of the New Testament
was put together that the Gospel of John and the 1st Letter of John
[titled 1 John] were NOT put next to each other.
The Letter of John explains MUCH of the Book of John as to what
consists of being in Favor with God, and being called Children of
God. The Letter of John has a VERY simple message.
BUT it is in the Back of the New Testament Canon and so becomes
neglected even by us Seventh day Adventists.
Take a New Read of it. Takes only a few minutes. Notice the
repetition of John’s Theme.

(Tim Teichman) #97

It ended? :slight_smile: ŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒ

(Tim Teichman) #98

Where in the bible does God say this? Last I read, there is one verse where priests wrote something about this topic, which is then referred to a few times elsewhere.

(Steve Mga) #99

Caffeine –
Caffeine ingestion in certain amounts CAN BE Therapeutic.
Caffeine can constrict certain blood vessels.
Caffeine can increase mental alertness.

Caffeine CAN have certain undesirable Side Effects so need to take
care to prevent those.
Sleeplessness, Elevated blood pressure, Elevated heart rate.
There can be Caffeine Addiction unpleasant symptoms when deprived of
caffeine under these circumstances.

(Steve Mga) #100

I added to what you began, and so CONTINUED the discussion.