“Room for Everyone”: Swedish Union Issues Statement about LGBT+ Individuals

(Gerald McDonald) #101

2 Timothy 3:16-17
If you claim to be a Christian, this is one of the texts you take into consideration when you are going to decide how to live. Because you will allow God’s Word to be the impetus, in which direction you will move.

So if there is only one verse telling us that something is sin, then we recognize it as sin, and something to be shunned, if favor of what the best that Christ has to offer us.
But notice that a little after the text where God has told man not to lay with another man as they would a woman, God also tells us the same thing, but this time it is telling us not to do so with an animal.
The correlation is unmistakable. They are given back to back. So the excuse that some give that it is referring to temple prostitutes.is shown to be a deliberate attempt to put what you want to be the understanding so that they can pursue the sin of which they are tempted.with. And this same God given understanding is repeated to us in the New Testament.

(Gerald McDonald) #102

Are you saying that the Sabbath is a ritual practice that does not need to be observed?

(Tim Teichman) #103

2 Timothy is a forgery, very likely not written by Paul, and in any case that text doesn’t answer the question I asked.

I don’t agree with any of your logic, but that’s OK.

Do you mean this?
“Do not plant two kinds of seed in your vineyard; if you do, not only the crops you plant but also the fruit of the vineyard will be defiled.”

Or this?
“Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”

Basically, are you claiming that you must follow the Law? The Law that Paul dismissed and said that Jesus’ death replaced?

(Peter) #104

More judgment, Manuel! I find your comments harsh and troubling. For you to say, “In my opinion” would be different. But you aren’t expressing yourself that way. How can you say of a group of people that you don’t know that they “are not thinking”? That blocks successful communication.

(Peter) #105

BTW, Manuel, I’m a 10th generation Sabbatarian, and a 6th generation Adventist. I care deeply about the Adventist church, as I believe you do.

(George Tichy) #106

Sorry Manuel, but I must tell you that for me this comment of yours is completely illogical, nonsensical, and extremely insensitive. It’s your opinion, fine. But I strongly disagree with it.

(George Tichy) #107

I never answer the door!.. LOL


So, after the people had already finished up the wine at the wedding, Jesus, who, in his Word, said that we should stay away from wine, would have made more alcohol for the people to drink? This is what you are telling us?



Do you see Jesus, after a multi-day wedding party, where many people had consumed a lot of wine already, giving them even more alcohol? Can you really imagine Jesus doing this?

(Elmer Cupino) #110

Jesus was just following the commandment “ Honor thy father and thy mother…” His mother told him to make wine, so he did.


Unfortunately, when people generally ingest caffeine it is rarely in therapeutic dosages.

(Steve Mga) #112

Wedding at Cana –
Has anyone considered how many gallons of water was used by Jesus?
Jesus ALWAYS believed in ABUNDANCE.
God ALWAYS believed in ABUNDANCE.
After feeding the 5000 men, PLUS women and children.
After feeding the 4000 men, PLUS women and children
There were basketsful of food left over.

(Gerald McDonald) #113

timteichman, could it be that you are attempting to mistake the ceremonial laws with the 10 commandment laws? Or are you ok with the 10 commandments but you just don’t agree with God’s declaration that homosexuality is an abomination?

And you are going to take the word of a person who has turned from God about what God has said about His Word?

I not sure but are you a Christian or not? If you are and would like to see that you have good reason to trust God’s Word. Please read this.

(Maria V. Blair) #114

Could not have said that better myself…a gold nugget of advice and I missed it? Thank you @cfowler

(Maria V. Blair) #115

I don’t do well with “ritual practice”, it sounds quite barbaric. However I respect those who engage in such things even though they call it worship, sundown, or whatever. It is even more amazing that for the sake of the “ritual practice” these same folks sacrifice any vestige or slight resemblance of having a real relationship with God. They are too busy making sure the “ritual practice” meets all the standards for keeping the Sabbath. Does that answer your question?

(William Vercio) #116

Steve I have been inhaling 1 John for weeks, especially chapter 5. It’s so straightforward and direct: Whoever believes Jesus is the Christ is born of God . . . . Whoever is born of God overcomes the world. What is the victory that overcomes the world but our faith. Whoever believes Jesus is the Son of God has eternal life.
What more need be said. The church has obscured this simple and powerful truth for decades. Only when we grasp it can we be involved in God’s work.


No, my post asked your boundaries about our judgement of others and whether we are tasked by the Bible with excluding others from the Church based on our perception of their “sins.” Since we are all sinners and always will be in this life, even if our sins aren’t evident to others, which sins will we ignore? If you don’t want to engage with my questions, of course that is up to you.

(shshsh) #118

As Christians we have a responsibility to show and sincerely love all people regardless of their issues. We can help those that are confused about how God created male and female by encouraging men to be men and women to be women. It is important to realize that life has impacted others differently and our environment greatly affects each human being. Love all, care enough to confront, and look past the issues that cause confusion in peoples lives.

(Tim Teichman) #119

Yes, absolutely. That’s what the bible says he did. It is not presented as parable, but as the first miracle.

(Tim Teichman) #120

There is no such difference. That’s something Christians made up long after the bible was written. Whenever the bible refers to the Law, it includes the entire Law.