Sabbath Sermon: Mike Tucker, "Knowing Jesus As He Is"



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Beautiful rendering of God’s love for us I enjoyed it very much

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Jesus prayer in the Garden was a struggle to reaffirm the Everlasting Covenant in human flesh. The trial, lashing, taunting, and the death on a tree was far beyond, that of the end of the unrepentant. Hell is to know what could have been. God’s punishment is instant death and then cremation of man and all he has made, upon which God will create a New Earth. God takes no joy in the death of the unrepentant, so why does the church? To realize the loss caused by unbelief must be overwhelming. Jesus did show us the Father. One of utter majesty and power, Who loved us enough to share with us His Son even unto death on the Cross.Paul is overwhelmed so should we, but no we boast, we can do it too. Among old men, Polycarp is my hero. he died a worse death than the unrepentant, but with the assurance of acceptance. Can we live a life like that? If so we have seen Jesus. Tom Z