Sabbath Sermon: Nancy Beach, "Drippings of Grace"

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(Marianne Faust) #3

excellent sermon! Thank you. I’m one of those who really likes the 10% of the Bible that is thought organized (epistels) as she calls it, but this sermon touched me…might even be better than all of the lectures on God’s existence by W. Lane Craig toghether ( which I also like very much).

(Yoyo7th) #4

Well worth the time to listen!
Thanks to Spectrum for this choice.

This message makes me think of what a sermon would be like without having icing on the cake, gravy on the mashed potatoes, spread on the bread. I was not at a loss because I know about the parts in Shawshank redemption and Shindler’s list.

What a person misses if the SS class or worship service doesn’t offer that “moment”

I remember telling a Christian joke, years ago, in a large Sabbath school class (75-100) and hearing the roar of laughter.
I remember telling a short story from SOP and someone asking where is they could find it.
I remember, recently, seeing this real short video right before a sermon at a non denom church …

I think it would have been nice to show right before or after the SS lesson #12