Sabbath Sermon: Pastor Dan Jackson, "Frowning Providence, Reverence and Faith"



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Great sermon! Great preacher! Thank you!

he’s a likeable guy, isn’t he…a real canadian…

he is a step above the guy who is a step above. Tom Z


What made it great?
Does that question imply it wasn’t?
If Dan is such a popular guy here, who listened to this sermon?
Is a sermon of 1 hour too much for most here?
Did his inclusion of EG White quotes sour the presentation?
Did his reference to Rom 1 at 46:22 turn off some listeners?
What was the purpose(s) of this sermon?
Who is the camera focused on at 57:30…anyone here know??
What is Dan’s training as far as a speaker? (28:43)
Was this a topical sermon?
What are the chief takeaways?
Anyone notice the outreach rebuke?[quote=“marianne_faust, post:2, topic:6957, full:true”]
Great sermon! Great preacher! Thank you!

Not necessarily disagreeing Tom…however…
Why/how so?

Because I/we have had over three years to have both on front stage. one sees dire consequences, the other sees great opportunities. Tom Z


Would you be kind to give us a YouTube/Vimeo on you giving a sermon? We’d like to compare.



video- none available
I don’t think you understood part of my reaction post above.
I am not slamming Dan’s sermon. It was one of the best SDA sermons I have heard.
But so what? How can I say that? What makes a sermon great?

I have to admit, he is not the best talking head for Diets and Foods, but he combs he hair correctly. There he is making head way on Ted. Tom Z


Thanks Tom,
To any other reader, notice how Tom’s reply gives detail for his original post opinion .
I am not saying it is,or isn’t, a fair/valid assessment, but at least it explains something about his original opinion.

Not only was his message appropriate, his delivery was good enough for me to listen to his whole sermon without drowsing off. And that was I video.

To me a good sermon is one that holds my attention. Whenever I give talks, I watch for people’s reactions. Once I lose their eye contact, I break into anecdotal stories to reset their attention.

I am pleased that Spectrum made this sermon available because it was presented at timely and defining moment for the NAD. Jackson repudiates the traditional notion that God hardened Pharoah’s heart by exploring five ways that God tried to turn Pharoah’s heart before he was washed up on the shore of the Reed Sea. But the more profound issue, and the one I’m still chewing on–and for all the good stories this was a cerebral sermon, is the declaration that God’s providence will not permit the human element in Adventism to sabotage His eternal purpose for our church in salvation history. By faith I know the ultimate purposes of God will be triumphant, but when you observe the carcasses of Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism all kinds of washed up on the religious shores before us, it give you pause for thought or at least a humble spirit that but for the grace of God, that could very well be our destiny. I suspect that in a forum such as the Year End meeting, the General has to motivate the troops, but in the context of God’s mysterious providence, man can only stand in wonder at how of little importance he is in the cause of God, and that’s an appropriate position on the brink of 2015.


I am trying to understand the theology of Elder Jackson: God raised Pharaoh up for the purpose of killing him, “by the hand of God,” so as to glorify Himself. I wonder if murder, of the firstborn’s of an entire civilization, is the best way to demonstrate God’s character. Unless fear is the foundation of faith, as in obey me or die.

Yes, Jesus threatened to give Vocal Chords to Rocks.

Is the sermon a damage control, pep talk for those anxious about an institution or about the body of believers? Are some experiencing paranoia because they are SDA employees worrying about job security? If the SDA membership went from 18 million to 18 hundred, would a bunch of conference officials have nervous breakdowns.?
How many times have people heard in the church the EGW text that mentions about where the church may appear about to fall…

I would like to know what Dan’s concept of the gospel is in 1-4 sentences.

And you certainly know who cares about the questions you posted, right?

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Hmmmm… You may just have posted a “very inconvenient” request…
I doubt he will do it, since it could have “grave consequences”… What if he does not have one? May be he never preached anything … Who knows?

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! Corinthians 1:21 pretty well sums it up:“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe”. It should be noted that the Greek word used here for “preaching” is “moria” which translates in this verse as “absurdity”. Moria comes from the word “moros” which means “silliness”. There does not seem to be any connection here to our english word of similar sound “morose” which means “gloomy”. For some of us who studied Latin “morosus” is akin to being fretful.