Sabbath Sermon: Tim Keller, "Humble Cultural Engagement"

Sabbath Sermon: Tim Keller, "Humble Cultural Engagement"

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Tim presents some significant points on how the gospel has a positive influence on society. I especially appreciated what was said around 16 minutes …“God also wants to rehabilitate us”

As society continues to get more depraved and chaotic, the penal model of the gospel will be more easily understood. Humans = criminals (law transgressors) and require pardon to escape death row and also rehabilitation to pass Jesus’ parole hearing and be allowed to enter into eternal life. Claiming only the shed blood, and some sporadic efforts at sanctification will not get humans past the parole hearing.

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Wait until Kevin Paulson reads this…

By the way this is strange, when I tried to write @k Kevin’s name no longer showed up. I wonder if he completely gave up on us, or if he is now utilizing a different name?

Like Keller’s endorsement of the notion of searching for “A Third Way”----

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If Timothy Keller isn’t inspired, who is?


I’m a huge fan of Tim Keller. YouTube makes me very happy!


I get the distinct impression that Yo Yo and and a few others will pass the parole hearing. I understand that Manson will not get another hearing until 2025, he will be 95. Is that how it works Yo Yo? Tom Z