Sandra Roberts Adds Testimony to "Voices of Unity"

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The Adventist Voices of Unity Facebook page features a steadily growing collection of video messages in which church leaders provide their reasons for supporting regional autonomy in ordination practices.

Among the most recent additions to the page is a brief but significant statement by Sandra Roberts, president of the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and the first woman president of a church entity (not counting Adventist colleges, whose presidents are not required to be ordained). It is among Roberts' first public statments specifically addressing ordination in SECC (women in that conference have been equally credentialed alongside their male counterparts for several years), and more significantly still, addressing her own status as an ordained minister and president of a conference.

Roberts says in the video:

You know, working in a conference that ordains women, and personally having that privilege of being an ordained pastor, it affirms the ministry that we are called to do and we’re already doing. It is wonderful to be part of the body of Christ—where we do believe in the priesthood of all believers—to have that affirmation, and to be able then to give that to other women and men side-by-side as we work together in ministry, so there’s no difference. I think it’s wonderful to have that culture, that opportunity, and that privilege to work side-by-side with equal recognition.

It’s a phenomenal experience, it’s a phenomenal mission, and it is a phenomenal work of God. So, for the sake of mission that we’re called to—in our conference, we frame it by saying “We are called to expand the kingdom of God”—so let’s just do this, because we need to get our mission done.”

Watch this video and several others on the Adventist Voices of Unity Facebook page.

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Respecting the authority of the church is key to staying united, and I mean within this context of ordination of women. Church organization is not social reform where defiance is a moral strategy. The church has not officially accepted ordination of women, let’s all respect if we love this church, and even if we do not agree. Uzzah did well to keep the ark stable but the Lord said Uzzah, you have no right to touch the ark. Let’s continue the intellectual, spirit-filled, and mission-oriented dialogue on the WO untill what is right is done!

(Thomas J Zwemer) #3

the burning question is who is worthy of worship and why. not who is worthy to lead that worship or when. to spend a century and more debating what God is doing when the question is Lord what would you have me to do? To spend a career in conflating an error seems ridiculous. Let us find a consensus around the Apostles Creed. then appoint, ordain, commission those competent to teach that full consequence of such an affirmation. Christ chose fishermen only belatedly men of schooling. now women are schooled as well as men. thiers has been a teaching role for generations. now give them voice on the most critical of all topics Life and the Giver of life. Tom Z

(Elaine Nelson) #4

I feel safe to say that Tom is the oldest male contributor to Spectrum and I am the oldest female. both of whom write regularly. If, having lived nine decades and still reading, writing and thinking, we can agree that there is no earthly or heavenly reason to restrict who God chooses to work for him based on age or sex, who are the others, to restrict whom God chooses?

(SurprisedByGrace) #5

When we seek to unify by majority rule upon a no savific point of view bolting forward, after decades of discussion and majority voting, is proper. Yes, it would be nice to wait, but when the majority of the church is in countries and areas in which women are not welcomed as equal citizens there is nothing left to do when you see God calling gifting and working through women in ministry.

(le vieux) #6

I’m not sure why this warranted a special article. Did anyone really think that this lady would make a statement opposing WO, and appeal for unity based on Scripture, rather than cultural norms, and supposed majority wishes? I’m sure this pleases the pro-WO group, but it will hold no weight with those who oppose it on Biblical principles. It wouldn’t matter to us if Ted Wilson, Stephen Bohr, Doug Batchelor, and even Kevin Paulson (just to name a few) all changed their positions. We can see no Scriptural justification for WO. But you all knew that already. :slight_smile:

(Steve Mga) #7

There are a LOT of THINGS that SDAs Do and Believe that ARE NOT Biblical.
But we Do and Believe them anyway.
Some of these “Non Biblical” things are even a part of Baptismal Vows and Church Membership.
But NOW things such as Wedding Bands that would prevented Church Membership in the 40s and 50s ARE allowed. Pastors and Conference officials NOW wear wedding rings. And Wedding Ring marriage ceremonies are conducted in SDA churches by SDA pastors.
Even against Ellen’s statements about Wedding Bands.

The problem with almost 50 years of discussion on Women holding the same offices of men in the church has still not been able to be resolved with a clear Yes, a clear No. And has still not been resolved because if it had been the curiously worded resolution coming up would not have to be placed on the ballot at SA2015.
And because it cannot be resolved by Both the Bible and Ellen
Anyone who votes Yes, anyone who votes NO is lying.
The ONLY Correct Answer to the Question is to Abstain from Voting. Neither answer is correct. The ONLY HONEST delegates will be the ones who Abstain from Voting.

(Ian Cheeseman) #8

The problem, Birder, is that there is no Scriptural justification for opposing WO, either. Innuendo is not good enough, when there is no outright statement against WO. And innuendo is all you have.

(le vieux) #9

That is highly debatable or we wouldn’t be having these disputes. If Scripture was silent on the subject, as it is on driving automobiles or using computers, WO would have been a fact of life long ago. I would hardly describe Paul’s statements as “innuendo.” Oh, yeah, I forgot; he was “culturally conditioned,” sexist, and probably misogynistic, so we can ignore what he said.

(Your use of sarcasm is not helpful. It is dismissive. - webEd)

(Tim Teichman) #10

Really? “This lady”? Is this 1960?

(Tim Teichman) #11

Show me the scriptural justification for MO.

Seems it will be hard as the word “ordination” isn’t mentioned once.

(le vieux) #12

Nice straw man. The word “genocide” isn’t mentioned in Scripture, either, but I think most Christians (hopefully) would agree that it’s unbiblical.

(Tim Teichman) #13

Not sure what you mean. Genocide is actually very biblical and recounted on numerous occasions as the Israelites moved into their land. They are said to have, by God’s command, taken over the cities and killed every living thing to avoid being made unpure by the idol worshipers. Killing everyone in a city-state is genocide.

(Tom Loop) #14

From reports that I get Sandra Roberts is doing a find job. The headship crowd better run for cover, because she could well become the GC Prez in 2020, on the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the USA. I was at St. Helena hospital thursday to a heart specialist. Elmshaven is less than a mile away so I stopped because i wanted to see the paper again that EGW was given stating she was an ordained and credentialed minister in the SDA church. G I Butler, GC Prez at the time, signed it in 1885. There were faded slashes through each letter of ORDAINED. I got into an interesting discussion with a man who was part of the TOSC committee at Andrews. He was a headship guy all the way. Be prepared for this crowd to pull the anti gay propaganda at Alamo Town to try and defeat WO. Some people’s idea of unity is when there is no opposition to Last Generation Theology.

(Peter) #15

Owu, you demonstrate that you have an insufficiently informed opinion! The authority to ordain belongs to Union Conferences, NOT the General Conference! And, YES, a number of unions of exercised their legal right within the bylaws of Adventist church organization to “accept” ordination of women. The General Conference and President Wilson are acting inappropriately by attempting to claim an authority they do not have! That is reality, though it may be an inconvenient truth to you.

What is not right is the divisive actions of the GC under the leadership of its president.

(Peter) #16

Oh, Birdie, you are choosing to be blind!

Please join my campaign to do away with the use of pianos in church because there is no scriptural justification for their use! This is urgent. The Bible do not say this was acceptable, so we must put a stop to it. Yes, many of those who’ve spent the most time studying this topic have said their is no scriptural reason not to use pianos, I agree with you that unless scripture tells us that it is OK, we must speak out against it.

By the way, yesterday I had the blessing of attending a service where Sandra Roberts ordained a woman to the Adventist ministry. And she had just come from another service nearby where she ordained a man to the Adventist ministry. She did so with dignity and grace. And she did so with the authority that BELONGS to the Pacific Union Conference! Now, do you not recognize the ordination of these two new ministers Pastor Roberts ordained yesterday?

(Peter) #17

Women’s ordination is going to continue regardless of the GC vote! The GC vote is merely a power grab that will divide the church even more.

And, no, editors! I am not going to post just one answer to all points. Isn’t this a discussion, or is it a presentation of papers? As a strong financial supporter of Spectrum, I must say I disagree with the degree of control here.

(jeremy) #18

i just think sandra roberts is a class act all the way…actually, i don’t think she’s an act at all - she’s the real thing…

(le vieux) #19

Who’s grabbing the power. No matter which way the vote goes, it will be a vote by the delegates, not a mandate from the GC officers. So where’s the power grab?

(Elmer Cupino) #20

How short can your memory be? Remember that guy who threatened " grave consequence?" Was he from a conference, union, division or gc?

“But the delegates rejected the General Conference recommendation and settled on a blanket policy that makes deaconesses and deacons equal, in all parts of the world, even taking the decision out of the hands of regional leaders.”