Sandra Roberts "Living Adventist History" Says Press Enterprise

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The Press Enterprise, a regional news organization that covers Southern California's Inland Empire, has written an article about the first Seventh-day Adventist woman to serve as a conference president--Dr. Sandra Roberts. The article notes that while Roberts is making history, so are denominational administrators who refuse to recognize her election.

A year ago Monday, the election of Corona’s Sandra Roberts as the first woman to head a Seventh-day Adventist regional body led to a stern warning from officers of the worldwide church, who reiterated the church’s position against the ordination of women. The world body still does not recognize Roberts’ election. Nor does it view her ordination as valid.

The report notes that one of the slights Roberts and the conference that elected her, Southeastern California Conference, had to endure is the ommission of her name from the offical Adventist recordbook, the Online Yearbook.

Her name is conspicuously absent from the Adventist Online Yearbook’s listings of top administrators in the Riverside-based Southeastern California Conference, which is similar to a diocese. A line is all that appears after “President.”

Still, Roberts is doing her job without problems, leading one of the largest and highest tithe-contributing conferences in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The article continues:

"Roberts said in an interview that the lack of recognition does not affect her ability to run the 70,500-member conference, which includes Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Imperial counties and has one of the largest concentrations of Adventists in the nation. “To me it’s really not that big of an issue, because I feel very supported and very able to do what I was asked to do in the territory where I’m asked to do it,” Roberts said.

Read the rest of the report from the Press Enterprise: ADVENTISTS: Female conference president is living history.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

Sandra will be the Albatross around Ted’s neck. In SA. His mind set is not only skewed but vindictive. Tom Z

(Elaine Nelson) #3

The unplanned official SdA publicity that will surely rankle headquarters. Can’t wait to read their reaction. I hope it gets national attention, as it probably will–breaking such barriers in a fundamentalist church.

(Roccos) #4

How so?

Politically speaking, GC presidents by delegatory vote are handcuffed with those twin locks: 1990 and 1995.

Ask Paulsen.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #5

it is not delegate vote that motivates Ted, but his own bias and glee. Pastoring is not gender specific. It is only male domination as per Rome. As the saying goes, a priest leaves the priest hood for only one of three reasons-- blond, brunette, or redhead. Tom Z

(SurprisedByGrace) #6

Her response to the technical non-acceptance of her as a legitimate leader in the Autumn Council is a class act. The constituency of the largest conference in NAD (in term of membership, if not geographical territory) has overwhelmingly voted her to that position. She is called of God by giftedness and fruit that has proved her calling. The men will have to answer to the Lord for the technical recognition of her.

(Daniel) #7

Shame on the Adventist Church’s world church for omitting Pastor Roberts from the yearbook. The church will face serious questions from younger church members, why is President Robert’s name not in the yearbook? Pastor Roberts is capable like so many of her male colleagues.This is bad publicity for the Adventist Church as a whole.

(George Tichy) #8

As you can see we are becoming able to treat EBOLA here in the US, but we can’t yet treat this plague called discrimination of women in our own Denomination.

It feels like today’s date is actually October 27, year 300AD? Or 666AD? Or even 3,000BC? Well, some time closer to the stone age…

(Elmer Cupino) #9

"Conference presidents in divisions that host annual councils typically are allowed to speak. But the world church does not recognize Roberts as a conference president, so she had to wear a “visitor” tag like anyone else who was simply observing the proceedings." - The Press Enterprise

Best advertisement for our world church, and to think we spent 0 cent! Compliments of our officers’ in-----tence.

Our dirty laundry is out for the world to see. Who would like to join a church with this kind of publicity?

(jeremy) #10

i generally tend to support ted wilson, but this situation with sandra is getting worse with each passing moment…first of all, she didn’t vote herself into the presidency, her constituents did…so why is she being the one punished…perhaps secc’s tithe should be diverted, or put on hold, until it’s decisions can be recognized by the church…would this help to solve the problem…

(Elaine Nelson) #11

When the world’s nations and huge corporations publicize a woman as prime minister or CEO, the SdA church shrinks from women as capable equal to men. This will be most interesting to watch the church and Wilson’s response. The cat is really out of the bag for the entire nation to see the discrimination of the SdA church. What sort of publicity could ever eradicate this fiasco?

(jeremy) #12

and this is the other problem…we now have non-adventists looking into this situation, no doubt from a feminist perspective, which is the entire reason wo is indicated for nad and elsewhere…i think real damage is being done, and no healing is happening…

(Shining) #13

or lack thereof, my friend

(jeremy) #14

roccos, i believe this is a lame response…it may be that ted is procedurally limited…but he has the bully pulpit, and i haven’t seen that he’s been shy in using it…he could easily initiate changes with just a few phone calls if he wanted to…

i’ve heard over and over again that the nomination of sandra was illegal and her omission from our yearbook merely reflects this, nothing more…but i’ve also heard quite a few male headship advocates say that secc needs to be punished, not coddled, lending credence to the perception that her omission is meant to send a message, more than anything…but as with male headship itself, i believe this attitude demonstrates a limited perspective…whatever we believe on wo - whatever the outcome in san antonio - snubbing a conference president in the name of proper procedure does not inspire unity, or any intentions to be cooperative, among the constituency she represents…truly, using the rules of procedure in a case like this is tantamount to fanning flames of rebellion while pretending to have no responsibility in that outcome…it’s disingenuous, and most unhelpful…

(Shining) #15

Thank you Jeremy for not closing ranks on something that you realize is wrong.

(SurprisedByGrace) #16

Ah, thanks for catching that, Shining. My last sentence didn’t go right. I meant they will answer for the fact that they haven’t recognized her calling of God, technicalities aside. It was to mean the lack there of. Can’t write on the fly and that is what I did.

(Elaine Nelson) #17

The church has really adopted a very childish attitude toward her ordination and it has already backfired.

(George Tichy) #18

Apparently the GC quarantined Sandra Roberts… lol

(George Tichy) #19

The SECC should vote and determine that the checks that are sent “upstairs” have to be signed by the Conference President only. Since there is no President, there is no money either…

No honey… no money!!!

(George Tichy) #20

Jeremy, as you see all this craziness happening, are you getting ready to vote for someone else for GC Prez? Or not yet?