Sandra Roberts Re-elected Southeastern California Conference President


I am very itinerant in my retirement and I witness increasingly sparse congregations in large expensive sanctuaries that once were filled with worshippers.

Also a dismaying increasingly geriatric group of worshippers with an absence of young families and children.

Admittedly I attend mainly Caucasian and racially mixed churches. maybe the Asian (Filipino) Hispanic and Black congregations are growing??

(George Tichy) #22

I see a tape on her mouth. Don’t you see it?.. :wink: :innocent:

(George Tichy) #23

It may be because the SECC has a rule that only the President signs the checks that are sent “upstairs.” Therefore the guys at the GC will not mess with her that easyly.
I propose adding a clause, “provided the President’s name is listed in the YB.”
This would resolve the issue about the blank space replacing her name in the YB.
Follow the money, they say… :wink:


And you have pointed this out equally for every conference president election around the globe? Or just when a female wins?

As one who has served on conference executive committee, union executive board, and as a delegate to the General Conference session, I see no difference in how slates of candidates emerge across the denomination.

(Robert Lindbeck) #25

I was being literal, but I clearly see the metaphorical tape.

The image of Dr Sandra standing at the mic, silent, beamed to churches globally would be a very telling image. I some how feel that the camera operators would look elsewhere. It would make a lot of people very uncomfortable. She could wear a sign that says “I speak for all the women clergy of the Adventist church.”

(George Tichy) #26

Well, maybe we have our own “Senator Grassley,” to suggest that the work is way too heavy for women…

If they can’t do the work, well… sorry… the GC has to keep discriminating them!.. :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(David Johnson) #27

Yes, the e-voting was anonymous. The least anonymous was the show of hands to limit debate to 2 minutes/person, to adopt the rules, and to adjourn. There, people could “see” your vote. Pastor Sandy was passed 615-206 by e-vote.
The declensions - particularly 2014 and 2016 - have a large member updating component, some simple, some socioeconomic. The numbers show much of that was in Hispanic churches; some wonder if that was/is because of anti-immigrant pressure in this country - we have heard similar trends at border churches across the southwest.
For another summary of data: from 2013-2017, totals were:
70,893 (beginning)
6,062 baptisms + 21 reclaimed
1,618 professions of faith
2,937 transfers from outside the conference
2,474 transfers out of conference (a net gain of 463 inward)
[4,957 transfers between churches completed within the conference, net zero]
2,222 deceased
842 removed
5,572 noted as missing.
572 marked as duplicate adjustments found between churches.
69824 (ending, net loss of 1069)
And giving is still up, so our pastors are still being funded, including 26 women.

(jeremy) #28

i’m thinking now what sandra roberts no doubt already knows, and perhaps what gary taber, jennifer helbly, randy roberts and many others have considered: the sustained, public trial sandra roberts has borne in not being recognized at the GC level may be grooming her for something greater in her future…when we look at sandra roberts, are we perhaps looking at a future president of NAD…are we looking at a future GC president…

the tide for WO will no doubt turn in the not too distant future…what then…who better to take on the mantle of leadership than someone whom everyone can see has been mistreated, and who understands from experience why headship in our time is so wrong…


Wouldn’t that be wonderful! We need these kinds of role models at these levels.

(George Tichy) #30

Anything will be possible as soon as those power-thirsty discriminators of women are sent back to pastoring some churches again. Or should they just retire? They are a disaster as administrators, they need to move on with their lives.

Sandy Roberts at the NAD or even GC would be wonderful!

(Joselito Coo) #31

Evidently, Dr Sandra Roberts’ approval rating improved from 72% five years ago to 75% in the recent week-end’s balloting results, which is a good sign.
@ProfessorKent @harrpa
The data suggests a significant decline in the number of ordained and commissioned/licensed ministers employed by the SECC. Might this not explain the negative growth (?) on one hand; and the improved financial situation since 2013 on the other? Praise God for the 26 women pastors. How many of these women pastors are presently serving in the Asian/Pacific and Hispanic congregations? Three years ago, we lost one female pastoral associate in the ethnic church I attend, while her male replacement came from within the conference…



It appears that these statistics are old. Dr. Roberts has been president 5 years. These statistics for ordained and licensed ministers particularly end about the time her tenure began. The decline in ordained pastors took place more than five years ago. Do you have more up-to-date statistics for the years she has been in office for ordained and licensed ministers?

(Joselito Coo) #33

Latest SDA Yearbook Online: 159 Ministerial Credential; 29 Commissioned [Licensed} Minister Credential. On balance, the ministerial workforce has remained the same since 2014.

(Peter) #34

Sam - I hope you look at this with a “big picture” view. I’ve watched the church grow in love and understanding for LGTBQ people over the last 25 years - at the local level. And I rejoice in that. However, none of us will live to see the day when the “denomination” will be accepting publicly of LGBTQ people.

(Kim Green) #35

The only hope that I see is if the church splits…and a new higher form of “spirituality” emerges.

(Peter) #36

Yes, yet I’m already grieving for the church I love. This is a tragic time for Adventists regardless of which way you view this. And I fear it will leave lasting wounds. This tragedy has gone too far for complete healing, IMHO, regardless of the outcome.

A split, unavoidable as it now seems, could easily become a war with many tragic casualties. It could hurt Adventist employees/pastors, split congregations, disillusion members, and harm cherished institutions (colleges/universities, hospitals, etc.)

Lord, send us a the great counselor and comforter!

(Kim Green) #37

I agree with all you say. Nonetheless- our God is not diminished or made impotent by our choices. He will raise up those people or things that are needed. We can trust in His faithfulness. Always.

(Johnny Carson) #38

All of this would so easily be avoided if members were not so blindly engaged in the idolatry of idolizing our denomination. We set ourselves up for the wind not realizing we’d reap the whirlwind.

(Cfowler) #39

So true. The SDA Church, it’s hospitals, schools, etc. are reverenced as if they are holy ground. But, it’s just man made “stuff”. I wasn’t raised in that “hallowed” environment, so I never felt such devotion to an institution.

As long as people refer to it as “God’s Church” (over and above other Christians/Churches), I suppose this will continue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Robert Lindbeck) #40

No harm in calling it “God’s Church” as long as the boundaries don’t stop at the edge of Adventism. God has church members in places we wouldn’t think to look.:thinking: