Sandra Roberts Re-elected Southeastern California Conference President

(Cfowler) #41

In my experience (and reading EGW), this (God’s Church) was always referring to the SDA church. Other churches were Babylon that people needed to come out of.

Indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Elmer Cupino) #42

I’ll miss the potlucks.

It is sad but if our church splits, it deserves it for getting too deep in management hubris. As outcomes of this nature are, the result will always benefit all. Let’s wait and see. Could the best of adventism still lay in the future? I am hopeful no matter how hard our GC leaders drive the church to the ground. The church will survive, the officers will not.

(Peter) #43

“Other sheep have I which are not of this fold!” John 10:16

Let us not practice conceit or exclusivity as Adventists! Only God knows where His sheep are.

(Cfowler) #44

Agree 100%.


(Robert Lindbeck) #45

@cfowler, I agree. No human has the right to mark the boundaries of God’s church. It is His church, He started, He defines the beliefs and He will decide who is in and whio is out. Thankfully,:grin:, He wants everybody in:grinning:, but sadly some choose not to enter.:disappointed_relieved:

(Spectrumbot) #46

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