Sandra Roberts Talks about the Bigger Picture

Sandra Roberts is president of the Southeastern California Conference, with more than 70,000 members and 154 churches. She is the first woman to be elected to serve in the position of conference president in the Adventist Church. In December, Spectrum readers voted her the 2016 Adventist Person of the Year.

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It makes my husband and me so happy to see what Southeastern California Conference has become. I attended and Bob graduated from La Sierra College nearly 61 years ago, Bob was the first youth pastor at La Sierra Church, and our first ten years in ministry was in the SE. Calif. Conf. I was even an academy classmate of Sandra’s mother, back in Takoma Park, MD. I can only hope that other conferences and unions will follow in SECC’s footsteps and lead our church in diversity and acceptance.


Thank-you for your faithfulness to God and the church . You spoke words of wisdom. May God continue to bless you and your family as you lead out as Conference President.


sokingcoo Joselito Coo’s point is pointless, unclear, and should not distract from this excellent interview with Pastor Roberts. Pastor Roberts is making presenting good ideas that deserve our consideration and support. Sadly there are many churches that have stopped growing because of local failures to meeting persons locally at the point of their needs
Likewise, churches that create community through a robust social programs tend to grow. They are looking for ways for people to become integrated into church life. It’s about belonging, believing and behaving. That’s a continual process of doing all three at the same time.
According to Phoebe Thompson, editor of Premier Youthwork, many of Christians make a commitment to Christ before they reach the age of 18. With that in mind, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that churches should be invested in reaching and keeping young people. Yet, on average, only a tiny percentage of annual church budgets is allocated to youth and children’s work.
Joselito Coo’s graphic picture reminds me of one I saw recently about the fallacy of statistics used to imply failure. Brother Joselito that not COO L


What I read in this interview is a dedicated, humble leader. The initiatives she is helping to shepherd should bear fruit in a growing healthy conference.