Sarah McDugal on Institutions and Abuse—Adventist Voices

In light of sexual misconduct allegations surrounding Weimar University, I interview Sarah McDugal, an Adventist author of several books on abuse including Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust. McDugal is the co-founder of Wilderness to WILD, an organization focusing on abuse and trauma recovery. After 25 years in media production, a series of life experiences led her to pivot into fulltime advocacy and resource development for women escaping abuse.

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Thank you for sharing Sarah. She’s an important voice in the church.

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Please why only one reply ? The problem of abuse, violence, brutality, sexua lharrassment is - at least - in Europe / USA - - something until now simply neglected. I am no expert, I do not know how to deal with the victim, the victims family, the predator - I just as by the judge appointed expert could demonstrate clear descriptions - or pahntastic storytelling or the defendants playing with all the Freudian “Ego Defense Mechanisms”

How often ? How many cases ? Well, there we still tab around in darkness. Anyhow - far more as we can dream of - -

Ad what about prevention ? What about help, ministry, pastoral care - before and after ? - For all involved ?

My opinion, it’s not about ‘Sunday laws’, it’s not about some ‘EGW issue’, it’s not about the ‘RCC’, etc, etc. Even among those who might consider themselves more progressive or liberal in their thinking seem to still be narrowly focused. Obviously Spectrum is trying to bring about greater awareness of such subjects along with gender issues, but as a church organization and quite possibly membership also, topics revolving around sexual issues seem to create less conversation. Puritanical background of America and religion in the west, perhaps??

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I have written that I am not an expert - I only have witnessed five cases in a little church of 30 to 40 members - - through the years - -

  • Already ONE case would have been too much, just unbearable - -
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