Saved to Serve: A Reflection on Communion

This is the third article in a three-part series. The first article suggested that the life of a disciple should be the true reflection of God’s character, as made visible in Jesus. The second article focused on baptism as the actual beginning of the disciple’s journey. This final article is about communion.

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Let me add a negative observation, yet showing an element we at each footwashing should earnestly consider for ourselves - she had severe problems and a life in poverty and practically slavery. She was in trouble with almost vereyone in our little church. - -For communon service she appeared with a sister of another church for footwashing, therewith avoiding that anyone of her local church could ask he for this very specioal communion, really getting into avery special intimate contact with the mate you choose or were chosen : The feeling of gentle, , emtionfilled hands, or hands not really inetersted on you or you not interested in those hands, comforting hands, hurting hnads - - - Keep the many hands letting feel you the love and care guide you through the dasy and weeks and months …

Do I come to the ceremony of footwashing with the fear - well I hope not him or him or that brother over there ? No, when, then with my dear buddy - no problem !!

And what about 1. Cor 11 : 27., 28. ?