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Title image: The steering committee for the 2009 conference that produced the book Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet (Oxford University Press, 2009). From left: Julius Nam, Gary Land, Ronald Numbers, Terrie Dopp Aamodt. 

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Please accept that I do not at all boast “scholarship” - I just wanted toknow about the sources of philosophies also in Medicie through Enlightenment, Romanticism and then recent Positivism I was tought and I then should teach and apply. The pre - university teachings of the “Gymnasium” were a good introduction, but not sufficient. The Alma Mater Rudolphinas teachigs were in a certain framework, but not scarcely did discuss it. - And there was the SDA heritage out of XIX. certury with the high esteem for “Naturheilkunde” , objecting “Schulmedizin” - - -

So I climbed around in the halls and on the shelves of libraries - - and stressed my book - puchase - accout.

See, I now also own the third edition of Numbers “Prophetess of Healt” - a book providing me with a plentitude of sources. But believe me : Also his first edition told me not at all anything new - - Oh yes, the more material, the more quotations, the more reliable sources , a broad depiction of the US - Health Scenary in Xvii. and XIX century - - ) even if I myself have found an author Numbers does not quote : William Sweetser, his “Mental Hygiene” 1848 : “There is a deep - relation - between body and mindl. When one is afflicted, the other sympathizes.”)

Thank you very much, Ronald L. Numbers, for this. And my deep respect and gratitude for the shaking you initiated - - -

And now also my appreciation to the authors “Spectrum” presented now ! And to “Spectrum” !!

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My immense gratitude goes to Ron Numbers for his book, “Ellen G. White: Prophetess of Health.” I read it in the early 80’s and it was highly instrumental in the unmasking process that was happening at that time, exposing truth about EGW that had been hidden from the Church members for ages (since inception). I had been a faithful enthusiast of Adventism in my youth, blindly believing what I was taught during my 16-year Adventist education, including a college degree in Theology. Everything in Adventism appeared so rosy, so perfect,so true, but so Ellen White too… That was it for me, the SDAC was definitely the “remnant church,” and the prophet was genuine.

Then came honest people like Ron Numbers, Walter Rea, Des Ford, Raymond Cottrell, Smuts van Rooyen, Ron Graybill, Geoffrey Paxton, Frank Knittel, Steve Daily,Bart Willruth, Wayne Judd, and many others - and the castle fell down for good. The Adventist Church was busted for good! The GC did the impossible to block the pouring of truth about the farce and fraud, because the “leaks” could eventually affect the free pouring of money into the GC’s coffers as members were learning that they had been duped. But since the GC didn’t have a fire pit to make those scholars into martyrs, it could only banish them hoping that the truth they revealed would be forgotten.

Thanks again, Ronald Numbers, for your intellectual integrity and for not surrendering to the “enchantment scheme” that the Adventist Church was (and still is) promoting to sell its rotten merchandise. RIP!.


George, I feel privileged to be included in your list of “honest people”, some of whom were friends long ago. Thank you. I’ll always encourage others to question their premises honestly and as an outsider would. Truth has nothing to fear from skeptical inquiry.


And yet their castles still stand, just like those of every other organized religion.

So the take-away seems to be that some people are more comfortable ensconced in their cocoon of what C. S. Lewis called the “Kingdom of Noise”, where the questions and uncertainties raised by The Still Small Voice of Reasonable Doubt and Sacred Skepticism are drowned out by the constant din of the modern world with its 24/7 “news” that’s always the same (i.e., bad) and self-proclaimed “Middle Men for God” with their incessant demands that everyone remain in a constant state of agitation while trying to unpack their interpretation of what amounts to unsubstantiated gossip and 2,000 year old trivia.



Bart, honesty has been a serious problem in Adventism. When I compare what I was taught in school for 16 years with what I learned later on in life about Adventism, I ask myself, “How did they dare to dupe us that way?”
Of course I don’t blame my teachers because they were victims too, they just trusted the “remnant church” and passed the fake beliefs to their students. For me they were honest too, just not properly informed because the Church and the White Estate were playing a mafiosi type of game. They kept “collecting” while delivering illegitimate merchandise.

Just one example, where is the honesty when books containing plagiarism and false information continue being sold to the unwary public? This is a serious moral violation, but apparently the Church and the WE couldn’t care less about morality; what counts id the money flow. Just look at this picture of one of the faucets at the GC :wink: :wink: :

Money pouring from faucet


I agree with everything you have said, but I wouldn’t limit it to the version of Christianity with which we have the most knowledge. The corruption runs deep and wide. The entire delusion has sold well for almost two thousand years. I would encourage everyone to reexamine everything related to faith conclusions, not just the SDA flavor. How do we know what we know? What is sufficient evidence?


@barwitilltruth, do you remember Glacier View ? And the commentries and the reports and the experiences we have heard and read about it ? - Do you knowa about the fancy experiences of EGW in Germany / Vohwinkel - and what really had happend there ? The fake "mission " stories ? - Please do not come out with some telltales about the “Dark Ages” - - l

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Yes I remember Glacier View well. In reaction to it, I and several other seminary doctoral students started Evangelica magazine.

I don’t know EGW’s exploits in Germany, but I do know that my great grandparents fell for Conradi’s pitch around 1890’s and came to the US shortly thereafter, becoming STRICT SDA’s.

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Yes, “Evangelica” was a great magazine, published/funded by some “infidels” … :rofl::rofl::rofl: I received some issues, and remember translating a few articles into Portuguese.wThe “fidels” :upside_down_face: didn’t like me much for doing that… (Who would tell, uh? …)

Tell us more about those “fake mission stories.” The “fake” side of Adventism gets bigger as we learn more about this Denomination practices. I bet that the Church’s “fidels” ( :scream::roll_eyes::joy: ) get upset when the “infidels” expose the Church’s fake side. ;). But, as it says on the Czech President’s Flag, Pravda vítězí (Truth Prevails).

Maybe in the Eighties “Spectrum” publisghed “The ----- of the Mission Story” Johann Fichtberger (+) for a time missionary in Congo, wrote a true story for he mission story department. The story was edited - he only coul guess that it - with another issue and on another continent - was his story. In WW II J.A. Gratz, minister inSalzburg, Austria, was in Norway with the “Wehrmacht” lucky to be a POW ( by British Troups! ) quickly. His story in"Adventist Review" placed this POW - into Siberia - into prison by Soviets ! “because this looks better”. The story of conversion with the help of pork was published in the Twneties. (“Vallely of Decision” . ) A reprint by PPA Boise, Idaho 1959. The same content was placed ino recent China, the story published in the SS quarterly 10. 04. 2015 - - Without necessity, just to have the proof, I presented both stories to University Clinic fo Swine, Department for Farm animals - - University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna - - both a fake ! - -the wekly mission story in my church is ead by sister about 50 now. She "tells"the stories, having mitigated and corrcted them. It is really a task for her and her husband to produce something you can present to the congregation - -
(I usually just do not listen !)

By the way : Vohwinkel now has the official narrative : EGW came there, supported by a vision she was able to help the congregation to solve problems between them (Johannes Kovar, Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen)

For other reraders here : She came, insisted on Sabbath morning to have a “social meeting” - until the nknown to the little SDA church, an embarrassment for the strict, stiff introverts in Wuppertal - the meeting was held, not at all well accepted - the night after this, from Sabbath to Sunday, she had the “vohwinkel Vision” - says her diary, say those who were present there. The Estate : The vision was the night before - from Friday to Sabbath - - (handwritten correcting remarks on the official typed transscription from her diary) - - -

@barwilltruth, at first there was a church of Sabbathkeepers in Wuppertal, the “Getaufte Christengemeinde” with “Lebensreform” a little more tha Helath Reform - - - an issue there in XIX. Centutry - and endtimes hope (the sermon of an ancestor in my family, in August 1848. ) They by themselves learned about some other Sabbathkeepers in Swizerland and invited - Erzberger, a St Crishona theologian, working in prison ministries before. - - and then joined his worldwide SDA church. - There alse were Sabbathkeepers to be found iin East Prussia and in Wuertthemberg) - With the European Erzberger , converted by the European Czechowski, with Wuppertal - Vohwinkel, then sending some five or more men into the “missionfield” Gerrmany - and with Conradi - there was a tendency of “having the very own way” simply given - - until now.

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