Science Sunday: Phantoms in the Brain

(system) #1

By Alexander Carpenter

As regular readers of the Spectrum Blog know, I'm a big fan of the TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design) that happen in Monterey, California each October. I really enjoyed this lecture by Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran on "phantom limb pain, synesthesia (when people hear color or smell sounds), and the Capgras delusion, when brain-damaged people believe their closest friends and family have been replaced with imposters." While I watched it, I reflected on our recent discussions over homosexuality and climate change, as well as the interesting bulletins and conversation surrounding the QOD conference.

"Missing the metaphorical meaning." I wonder in what ways, how we read scripture, or human sin, or scientific evidence, or this blog post, depends in part on the cellular structures of our mind?

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