Second Installment in Adventist LGBT+ Short Film Series "Outspoken" Released Today

Soon every group that finds themselves not able through the grace of Christ to keep the commandments of God will form a support group to so as not to feel bad for their unwillingness to keep them.


Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden based on reasoning with no regard to her creator and then Adam joined his wife with no regard to his maker, JEHOVAH. Sin is sin no matter how we sugarcoat it. We ask ourselves, where is Christianity heading? Where is the Bible and inspired scriptures? i am not sure the church is against LGBTs as a person but intentional boasting of lifestyle choices condemned in the holy bible. When a person says that he/she should be accepted as such regardless of the action being in variance with the word of God, then , we are to ask ourselves- the Bible or ourselves/ personal desires?The hebrew brothers in the bible didnot bow to the golden image because it was against the principles of God. The Bible warns of wolves in sheep clothing; the movie is depicting the nicety of a poisonous apple that would kill all who dare eat it. soon, pedophiles will be admitted, bestiality will be accepted. what else? the gospel will be thrown away. But Jesus said, " upon this rock, i will build my church and the gate of hell will not prevail against". Millions of saints died for the word of God to reach us today, they refused to compromise their faith. They called sin by its name. those who think nothing should be called sin even though the Bible mentions them, let them stay in their corner. Finally, Joshua in addressing the children of israel in JOSHUA 24 made this statement," choose you this day whom you will serve… As for me and my house… we will serve the Lord".


I would like to know what sin is. How do you define it?


JSKMD, According to your reading of scripture, would it be all right for a man to have several wives? If not, why not?

When you imply that people favoring acceptance of loving couples who are not heterosexual in the church would recognize no sexual taboos, including pedophilia (!), you introduce both a straw man and a harsh calumny. By that same reasoning, you could be accused of favoring polygamy, which I’m confident is not so.

What I’m suggesting here is that assertions of what scripture demands cannot help but be burdened with, and often distorted by, personal opinion. There must be better, fairer ways to decide this.


These men understand the Biblical Principle of, “By beholding, you become changed.” They know that the more people watch something like this, the more it will come to seem “normal”…until eventually, their sinful lifestyle will be completely accepted, and anyone who does not accept them as a member in good standing will be disfellowshipped. Don’t take me wrong, they seem like nice people…many homosexuals are very nice people. But that doesn’t make homosexuality right. It would truly be better for families, for the church and for society in general, if homosexuality went back into the closet…and stayed there. Homosexuals should not be getting married…Homosexuals should not be adopting children. My heart breaks for children raised in this atmosphere. I know this is not a very PC post, but it is an honest post. I have no hatred for homosexuals, I have relatives who are homosexual and I love them dearly…but I HATE the SIN of homosexuality. Everything that God deemed an ABOMINATION in the Bible, is still an ABOMINATION today…TIME has not changed anything. I pray that these men will give up the sin and surrender their hearts to Jesus. He will heal them, if they want to be healed.


Wow! How sad! You must truly hate these brothers and sisters to prefer the life for them of deep hatred, discrimination, and being total outsiders.

I am puzzled, disappointed, and surprised that you are advocating outright dishonesty. This is very revealing of your own agenda, spiritual direction, and acceptance of “outsiders” that Jesus made clear was our duty as Christ followers.

Why wouldn’t you treat all brothers and sisters with kindness and love? Our rule to live by is to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” How could that include shunning?


1John:3.4 say: sin is transgressions of the law, now please do not ask me what the law is. God bless and have mercy on us!

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