Secrecy: The Adventist Experience

Mmmm…makes me think of the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

Once a church (most especially a church), or an individual, has lied over and over and over, there is no way that I can believe them in the future. If there is no integrity, or trustworthiness, what’s the point?


@cfowler Carol, did you ever read my little thing about an election in the Canadian Conference, with Wilson the Elder? No, it seems gravity has doomed the apple under the omen tree.

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I can’t remember off hand, though I probably did. I’d love a refresh of it, at least the Cliff’s Notes version.

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The Gospel cannot be institutionalized. So Ted’s agenda has other motives. Certainly it must include WO, age of the earth, the role of Ellen White detithing the tithe. His agenda for Indianapolis. He is the ghost of seasons past and the Spector Of things to come.


Bonnie, these are excellent, practical, and plausible suggestions–with a caveat that meeting minutes generally require proofreading at least, so perhaps going public within 24 hours. Thanks for pointing up the needs and then pointing to solutions. Well done.

Now, who will carry the courage in decision-making bodies to ensure such transparency and accountability? (Ay, there’s the rub.)


These egregious events are ETHICAL LAPSES on the part of our headstrong “headship “ hierarchy.

Lack of transparency, secrecy, placing a propaganda “spin “ even on disclosed information, are all hallmarks of a “ banana republic “.

We get misinterpretations, or exaggerations / overstatements or a total ignoring of material facts, in some of the GC news output.

Or worse, a blanket of secrecy, a stifling / smothering / censorship of
facts important to tithe payers , who fund the entire operation. As shareholders in this “company” we deserve annual meetings that are above board, transparent and truthful.

Donald Trump,would label this manipulation of the news as FAKE NEWS ,!


Loyalty oaths and complaining about leaks. Hmmm…where have I heard this before??



Actually the concerns seem to have been entirely valid.
That particular person alluded to admitted to leaking, and did so for the express purpose of initiating a special prosecutor for an investigation which said incontinent pushed a known foreign operatives uncorroborated mercenary opposition research paid dossier to obtain fraudulent warrants on an American citizen who has not been shown to have committed the alleged crimes.

Now thats a double-stinkin’ heap of phake.

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Actually this is pretty close to the world of fake news. I asked earlier which of the two quotes was accurate. Pretty central to the whole secrecy argument was the quote, you weren’t suppose to know that,. It is not the quote. The other quote that she linked to from a spectrum article in 2017 is closer but not accurate either. But you can check out the actual recording at: the question from Randy Roberts begins at 2:32:40. The whole context content can be seen in about 8 minutes ending at 2:40

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