Senate Chaplain Barry Black Shares First-hand Account of Capitol Attack — and More News Shorts

In this week’s Adventist news round-up, Senate Chaplain Barry Black shares his first-hand account of the U.S. Capitol attack, plus stories about Atlantic Union College, Heidi Cruz’s Adventist upbringing, and more.

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pastor black is definitely in an historic situation…i can’t imagine ministering in a situation where, just a few weeks ago, everyone literally needed to run for their lives - it sounds almost like something out of adventist eschatology…

i still can’t get my head around the mind-set of people who actually thought they’d be able to reverse an election by storming the capitol…what thorough delusion…one wonders how any in that mob sees things now…

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Yeah!! Like the idiotic person who clubbed to death the policeman in the Capitol building?!!

And the people who said they were under dier threat when the intruders,(note my choice of word) were know where near the the building they were in!!
Let’s be very careful whose narrative we want to choose!!!

“dire” threat…
“no where” near the building

Which building are you referring to Dunstan?

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As a country, many, if not most, has not come to terms with what happened in this country on January 6th. If most did, it is certainly not evident. Unfortunately, because of who we have become politically as a nation in the past several years, I am not very hopeful for the future.

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