Servant Leadership

The church needs leaders who will not only lead but also function as nurturers and overseers. Humility should characterize their lives so that they can function as examples of true leaders rather than as dictators.  Elders of the church are called to manifest this spirit of service; youth, in turn, are called to submit to this kind of leadership. Servant leadership takes its vision from the Word of God and, at the same time, provides every opportunity for members to exercise their own spiritual gifts in pursuit of the gospel commission.

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Recent media reports, regarding those who are incarcerated/prisoners, state that 1/3 have mental illness. Yet, who can challenge that the other 2/3 don’t have mental disorders?
This is the problem with humans. After the fall, humans inherited the propensity to be God wannabes, gullible, guilt shifters, gamblers, and greedy. God’s gospel of grace, mind makeover solution is to address mental disorders.

Leaders are to be examples of those who are being rehabilitated and making good progress on their perverted, depraved and selfish mind sets. (Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life) These leaders are to be an encouragement to others of the mental healing capability of God’s grace when the principles of His word are applied in the life.
Servant leadership is a demonstration of meekness.
The meek inherit the Earth and those who stay vain/proud will be annihilated.

Check out the bible and see how much scripture is devoted to correcting mental illness/disorder (cognitive/thought patterns) which result in evil speech & behavior.
IS 55:7-9 , 2 Cor 10:5, Rom 12:2, Phil 2:5

Even the problem with Laodicea is that they have a mental disorder–(are deceived).

Paul mentions in Rom 10:2 & 21 how the Jews were fanatic, insubordinate, gainsayers (mental disorders)

The essence of the gospel is restoration. Restoration of trust in God and a sound mind.
God, who created humans, is the supreme therapist.
Authentic Christianity is a thought replacement therapy program.

Change comes from …thinking differently and the principles of scripture must wash out & replace carnal, fleshly, worldly thought notions/ideas/concepts. The cultures of nations are at odds with God’s will.