Seventh-day Adventist Church Responds to Equality Act

(reliquum) #239

Which itself opens a pandoras box because it requires interpretation, contextual understanding, and ability to accept, due to the elapsed time between creation, the elapsed time (3500 years) of writing it by various authors, and then the 2000 years it has been rewritten b diverse, cultures, languages and hermeneutics.

It well may be that rather than SS, we accept first that no third party interjections be confused with writ-and that writ itself was called the “second book” (after creation, and the science of nature springing from it).

What do we do with the writings that define the life of Jesus as THE word?

(David) #240

Who said anything about Eden. Christ new what day the Sabbath was and it hasn’t changed since He walked the earth.

The seven day week is completely independent of the lunar month, that’s plain as day.

(reliquum) #241

Wasn’t addressing you with that comment.
Irregardless, are you suggesting Jesus planned his hanging, date, time, circumstances?

That would then suggest he controlled the forces, then moved the players, sort of like puppets. Thats an unusual

(Cfowler) #242

I don’t believe that Sabbath observance was given to anyone but the nation of Israel. The Sabbath was the sign of the Covenant God made with them.

Of course, if one chooses to “keep” Saturday on the Gregorian calendar, they are free to do so.

(reliquum) #243

And our “rest” is the sign we trust in the complete promise.

Most folks i know do not “keep” the sabbath as a day of rest, at all. They are “working” to be perfect enough. It’s tiring. And their women are expected to do all the cooking, cleaning, etc etc. Both before, during and after.

(David) #244

It’s a public forum.

I was suggesting that Jesus, who is Lord of the Sabbath, knew what day the Sabbath was. The cycle has been unbroken ever since.

The circumstances of His hanging date and time were pre-ordained by God.

‘The Teacher says, “My time is at hand; I will keep the Passover at your house with My disciples.” ’ Matt. 26:18

Then Jesus said to them, “My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready. John 7:6

"Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.” John 2:4

(Cfowler) #245

I rest in Christ’s finished work everyday.

You’re correct about the lack of rest on Saturday in the SDA church! It was usually a very work filled day!

(reliquum) #246

And that well may reflect true meaning of those Revelation words that we will celebrate that rest for eternity…

(Harry Elliott) #247

David, my answer is yes, absolutely yes, si si, oui oui, jawohl , etc.:grinning: Dan 8:14 isn’t an isolated declaration, it’s an answer to the preceding question; How long before we can resume these continual sacrifices?

Answer: " About the time it takes to for 2300 of them to be skipped. At the rate of one each morning and one each evening, that’s 1150 mornings and 1150 evenings, (equals 1150 days,) then shall the sacrifices be resumed."

Since no sacrifices were slaughtered in heaven in 1844, (or ever), and Antiochus interrupted the sacrifices in Jerusalem for the right length of time, he’s the culprit. Des Ford was asked to show this information at Glacier View and he did. Neal Wilson evidently saw the truth too, and stabbed him in the back for letting the cat out of the bag–after promising Des that his job was secure in order to get him to make the presentation. This is a tough age to be an Adventist (or an American, but that’s another tragedy.)

(Michael Wortman) #248

Tell that to those affected by the International Date Line, its institution and its subsequent adjustments.

(David) #249

I was suggesting that Jesus, who is Lord of the Sabbath, knew what day the Sabbath was. The cycle has been

One of the hazards of living on a round world :slightly_smiling_face:.

(George Tichy) #250

Problem can be easily resolved instantly, just by adopting the “flat earth theory.” … :roll_eyes:

(Steve Mga) #251

David –
Also, traveling on a round world.
When I was in the Navy and assigned to Guam, I was assigned a flight
from SanFrancisco that left Friday evening. I arrived some hours later
in Guam at 8 a.m. on Sunday. Missed Sabbath.

(David) #252

You’re a time traveler Steve! I’m jealous!

(Steve Mga) #253

I enjoyed my year as a Navy nurse in Guam. I worked at the satellite
hospital by the beach in Agana. there was frequent bus service to the
main hospital on the hill.
The SDA church and Clinic was just down the street so I was able to
engage in church activities and engage in many activities with the missionary
doctors and families and many of the local people. Which included a lot of
free local food dishes and filipino foods [which I miss back in the States].
For about 6 months I was able to work at the Clinic, doing the “emergency
clinic” from 4:30 to 12:30 a.m. when working days for the Navy. I would sleep
there, take the bus back in the morning, and off to work.
I was able to go on a week trip with a number of the missionaries to Palau.
Worship with the “natives” there. Enjoyed an overnight trip to Palelu Island [sight
of a ferocious battle] provided by one of the member’s boat. I actually found a
humerus arm bone in one of the caves I brought back home. Probably Japanese.
Collected a number of shells.
It also allowed me to fly free to Japan and Taiwan on Navy flights. One of the guys
that lived in my dorm [also a nursing student] and his wife was stationed in Tokyo.
Spent 2 weekends with him, then went to Taipei for a few days. Was able to visit
the Adventist Hospital there, meet some of the staff. And some other sight seeing
thanks to the hotel staff. In all, I only spent about $150 on my trip.
I travel light, and take a little washing "powder"or “liquid” with me on trips.
I learned to navigate the Tokyo trains. Went to our College there for the day.
Went to Keyoto for 2 day on the bullet train.

Was invited to a birthday party my first Sunday morning I was there. The locals
DO like Okra. They wait till it is quite mature. Roast it, take off the outer shell,
leaving the stem with the white seeds. Place these in coconut milk and boil it.
Once done, serve the Okra on a plate.
No steamed small, tender Okra pods. LOL!
An Adventist nurse anesthetist with whom I spent 4 weeks at Women’s Officer
School in Newport [4 weeks in 8 hour classes], we had about 4 hours of marching,
physical activity was learning to play Squash. couple times a week. was stationed
at the Main hospital. He arrived prior to me. There was another SDA couple who
lived across the street from my base. Able to visit with them. He was a civilian working
for the navy. Was an electronics person.
One of my Sunday activities was playing the Hammond organ for church services on
Sunday morning at our beach hospital. Did that for the year. Enjoyed that. I was allowed
to leave the ward, the nurse in the next unit agreed to help is the corpsmen had a problem
while I was gone for an hour. The few Sundays I was gone, the Chaplain played music
by vinyl records. Made me feel bad. Was grossly inadequate to sing by. Did NOT seem
like “church”.
God was good to me!

(Tim Teichman) #254

Yes, but it is based on a calendar invented by Rome and only adopted by Jews 300+ plus years after Jesus day. No one in the bible used the Roman calendar. They used the ancient Jewish calendar which does not have weeks or even any named days.

(Tim Teichman) #255

You must still feel guilt over that.

It’s a funny thing, this obsession over a day of the week, when the commandments never mention a day of the week. Nor do they mention a day of worship.

They do say that Israelites should work no more than 6 days in a row and then rest for a day, for a sabbath. This I think makes the sabbath a personal day. If not, then you might end up working more than 6 days in a row.

Consider that if you travel west and every 7th day you take a break - take a sabbath - and keep traveling west until you arrive back home - you’ll be a day behind. If you then continue working until the people you left behind have worked their 6 days and then take a sabbath with them you’ll have worked 7 days in a row. Oops. So, did you break the commandment? I think you did!

Also, if you use the biblical definition of a day, from sunrise to sunrise, and you happen to live in the far north or far south, you’ll spend months without a sabbath, both in the dark season and the light season. But I guess that’s OK, since the sun didn’t rise from your horizon…

If you consider the various outlying examples like this, the whole thing become a quagmire. IMO, like so many other things, it’s better to go by the spirit of the law - take a break from toiling on a regular basis to contemplate and remember what you have been blessed with.

If you want do use a pagan calendar to do this, fine.

(Harry Elliott) #256

The sabbath predated the calendar week by centuries. "Work six days, rest the seventh doesn’t need a hopelessly unrealistic traceability to a secret day line . When the Mesopotamians invented the CALENDAR WEEK ca. 700 BC, they made Saturn’sday the premiere day of the week in honor of their favorite sky-god. Constantine transferred that honor to his favorite god by dropping a day just once, thereby shifting the premiere day to Sun’sday .

Surely God didn’t define His sabbath as beginning at a meridian determined by the location where Greenwich, England would someday be. Gregory didn’t mess up the synchronization of the days of the week, but Constantine did.

(David) #257

The Roman/Mithraic planetary week began with Saturn’sday due to the fact that Saturn was the furthest planet from earth in the geocentric world view. When the first day of the Jewish week became the preferred meeting day for the Church, Constantine agreed to change the order of the Roman/Mithraic planetary week by making the second day (Sun’sday) the starting day of the planetary week instead of Saturn’sday (in order to make it coincide with the order of the Jewish/Christian week). The cycle of seven wasn’t changed, only the names were changed (to protect the guilty).

The premise of the planetary week is based on the pagan view that the planets were gods and the days of that week were dedicated to those (false) gods. The whole idea reeks of idolatry. Constantine sold his bill of goods to the Roman (why do you think they call it Roman?) Catholic Church in 325.

Tue and Thor, Wedn and Fri,
Who are they but pigs in a sty.
The days have been given to fiction and fable,
To see the world true we are wholly unable.

(Cfowler) #258

Do you think that Israel used the moon to determine the beginning of the month? And, that Saturday on the Gregorian calendar is the very same day that Israel observed?