Seventh-day Adventist Church Responds to Equality Act

(Jeremy S.) #95

Because the bill says

“Discrimination by State and local governments on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and in programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance, violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

What this bill is saying is, if you want to keep receiving federal grants, student aid, and other federal monies you can not continue to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Even if you wanted to make the argument that denying LGBTQ people housing, or equal access to your schools, etc. Was a deeply held religious belief you are willing to defend. You would then have to make the decision of federal funding versus your desire to discriminate. Without taking federal funding you are free to continue to discriminate.

Thus the concerns about this bill is not about “religious liberties” its about if Adventist institutions can both have its cake(federal tax payer dollars) and eat it too.(continue to discriminate against LGBTQ people.)

The governments position is that it cannot. Well the Houses position is that it cannot. Like i said in my first post here this bill is DOA in the Senate.

(Patrick Travis) #96

Many of us said 40+ years ago it was a mistake to take federal funding. Your operation becomes dependent on the funds and you will compromise you beliefs, “out if necessity.” The chickens are coming home to roost.
So now the camel of big government funding has many dependent on funds now. The camels nose is in the tent and it soon controls and drives everyone out not wanted. The rules are changed continually by politicians.
It isn’t just funding if stipulations not added for religious beliefs. Remember the Colorado baker?
Another waymark to include more with more rules.
I agree DOA in senate and would definately be vetoed.

(Steve Mga) #97

Pat –
Federal Funding has created a “free for all” when it comes to charging student
Who can charge the most and STILL get student applications.

(Jeremy S.) #98

Its astounding to me how you can make it sound like the government is the villian here. When its the Adventist Church that wants to benefit from tax payer money, some of which comes from LGBTQ people, and still be allowed to discriminate against them.

Just because you claim its not just about funding doesn’t make what you are saying true. Your weird inclusion of the CO baker into the discussion is irrelevant to this case.

But by all means feel free to explain how this bill actually violates religious liberties, that would make you the first person claiming this, that has.

(Jeremy S.) #99

Exactly. We would be better off restructuring our education institutions anyway. Perhaps then people could actually afford to attend the seminary.

(Patrick Travis) #100

The SDA churches error as stated above was to accept funds in the first place. As always such talk was seen as alarmist. Was it in terms of independence of mission? Big Government is always a potential villain against individual liberty. The American founders tried to warn us. it is going unheeded.
An evaluation of the bill of the enlargement of the government net proposed by the Dems. in HB 5 is evaluated by the Heritage foundation. A conservative and scholarly responsible organization.

(Patrick Travis) #101

The old law of supply and demand. More supply of bidders ups the price. I know our educators had difficult decisions. One must look at the present and future consequences. They are now seeing the future consequences. So many degrees with little promise of productivity in a real market place of demand.

(Alice C ) #102

Re SDA higher education and higher education in general: what many don’t realize is that meeting the requirements attached to the aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc) from federal, state, and other sources requires more staff, which ups the cost of tuition and other expenses. When I was in college (a few generations ago) there was one financial aid officer and we also dealt with the business manager on occasion. Some communication went to parents rather than the student–18-year-olds weren’t “adults” then.

Now–it takes multiple financial personnel as well as personnel in other offices (e.g., registrar) to help students figure out and apply for whatever aid they are entitled to, to manage the transfers of money to institution and student accounts, to prepare the reports documenting that all is done as the laws require, and so on.

Would refusing to take federal and state financial aid reduce costs? Perhaps. Would fewer students be able to attend? Probably. But it’s very difficult to undo structures and processes. And some consequences of decisions can be very difficult to predict accurately.

(Steve Mga) #104

We don’t care about Chick-Fil-A.
They are Sunday keepers.


Be kind, they are willing to reason with SDAs:
Chick-fil-A to close on Saturdays after rich Adventist invests.
(Don’t forget to smile, Steven) :grin:

(George Tichy) #106

I heard that the Muslim community is going to make a huge contribution as well. Soon all their stores may be closed all week long… :wink: :innocent:


Good one! But I need to stop reading these posts in the morning (Central Time) or I won’t get my work done! I’m told that I laugh too loud! Even the schnauzer runs off.


Wow. Hope that was TIC? Problem is most that worship on Sunday don’t try to “keep” it as a sabbath day at all. Also this attitude explains why Adventists in particular don’t recognize the persecution of Christians happening now around the world as an issue since most are seen as “Sunday keepers”. In fact the conversion sought after is for them to become “real Christians” who “keep” Fri eve-Sat eve. Also explains why Gary Krause said they use 91% of their resources toward those “already Christian”. So then this may be news for you…

(Tim Teichman) #109

Really? Do you have some sort of poll results that show this is the case? For the whole world, or perhaps just the USA (or your country)?

(Elmer Cupino) #110

Remember the initiative started recently to convert “millions of Muslims” to join the SDA church? Any reports of its outcome?

(George Tichy) #111

YES! The Muslims said that they can easily switch if the GC moves to Mecca. And if all SDAs start wearing a turban.
I fully support the initiative, especially the move to Mecca… :wink:
Do you know if the black suited GC guys kept their beards since the AC/18? It’s another must!!!

(Elmer Cupino) #112

Mecca or Malta is fine with me. Travel expense for our GC officers will markedly diminish since it would just be a hop-scotch to Africa to massage more votes and foster male headship. The savings can be allocated to more effective outreach ministries such as WO. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

(Patrick Travis) #113

I knew the founder and was in the Atlanta airport Rotary club with him in 1972. Truett Cathy was a true intelligent gentleman. He was a dedicated Baptist and did an unbelievable amount of good for foster children. He also is responsible for many a college education for his workers.
His son was simply answering a question. He was not on an offensive crusade. Never mind that freedom of speech is only allowed for certain narratives.
I had a chicfilet sandwich from the Dwarf house 65 yrs ago which is what it was called before the present succsssful conglomerate that still does loads of charity! Thank God for sunday keeper Truett Cathy!
Only ignorance still opposes his legacy.

(Steve Mga) #114

Mecca – no WOMEN drivers. And, their total bodies are protected from
the sun rays. So NO skin cancer for women or girls.
ONLY Men are allowed to get skin cancer.

(Patrick Travis) #116

So, whats wrong with that. That’s one of the issues why the Senate will reject HB 5…but Randall, I’m sure it will likely be challenged in court. So keep your hopes up. Court ordered activism without legislation.