Seventh-day Adventist Grandmother Raised Tokyo Olympics “Sprint Queen” — And More News Shorts

Seventh-day Adventist Jamaican Grandmother Raised Tokyo Olympics “Sprint Queen”

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"…God would shut the mouth of the lions in Tokyo and give Elaine the victory”. Why would a Christian equate competitors in the Olympics with lions (enemies)? Didn’t any of the other competitors pray? Did none of them have families praying for them? What a tragic, unfortunate, representation of God.

Does God really favor Adventists? Or is that a threat to the faith of thousands of Adventists who pray and do not receive a yes answer?

There were many other gold medal winners at the Olympics. Did God favor certain ones because of their faith or denominational affiliation?


That is not what the grandmother is doing when she is praising God for her daughters’ victory, the way your responding suggests the girl and grandmother cheated by giving thanks to God.

They didn’t.

What happened is this, is that God gave the daughter the talent and need to run, the daughter put in the practice, and the hours necessary to seceded. She was enabled very likely to be able to compete on days that where not the Sabbath. So she could get to the Games.

What the grandmother is doing is giving to God thanks, for what he has done in enabling the daughter to get to that point. Which is what King Solomon forgot to do at a certain point, and that lead to disaster.

Please do NOT put words in my mouth! I said absolutely nothing about cheating, and I’m disappointed that you would even use this words. Of course there was no cheating. I simply do not believe that God gives us success because we are Adventists. In fact, I no longer believe that God micromanages such things.

“For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matthew 5:45

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