Seventh-day Adventists Represent a Tiny Percentage of Christians in Israel — and More News Shorts

In this week’s news round-up, the Religion News Service talks with Adventist pastors in Israel, Papua New Guinea Adventists feed and clothe homeless children, the Kenyan Adventist conference dispute continues, and a plea deal is reached for the secretary/treasurer of Village SDA Elementary who was charged with embezzling $273,000 from the school.

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For Israel Jews and Arabs –
Perhaps the SDA church needs to be preaching the PEACE messages of Jesus
as the 1st and ONLY Task,.

Berrien SDA school – It seems they have poor AUDITING service. It would seem
like it would take some time to quietly steal $273,000.
She probably already spent it. So HOW will she be able to give it back?

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Back in the late 1930’s the treasure of the Lake union Conference stole a little over 3 thousand dollars. He got three years in the state pen. The papers were full of it and made Adventist’s look double silly. hence no more looking to criminal law for justice. It cost too much.

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