Sex: A Union of Church and State

They just died on his watch?
When Obama was faced with the Ebola crisis,
it was stopped in Africa: it did not go global.

But Trump now has the virus that he did not stop in China.
And this may well be a divine judgment (he did get in in the Judgment month)
A few days past Yom Kippur (that may be significant).
As I read Bible prophecy, Trump is to be destroyed “after a few days”
And a day can be a year prophetically.
Or a few days after Judgment Day? (we will see soon enough)
Thus, Michael Pence would never have had the opportunity to be President
if he had not been Trump’s VP.
Daniel 4:17 is very clear
and when Trump is viewed in light of that passage
he was placed in power for such a time as this.

I posted videos
“In Memory of President Donald Trump” 2 months ago.
And "Is it good-bye President Trump? just yesterday.
They are on youtube (The 666 Mark of the Beast Tell-All Show)

The Ten virgins in Christ’s parable depict us
Five are wise and 5 are fools.
The fools will wake up to their folly when it is too late too late!
And the wise will hang out with the fools until the harvest separates them.

One comment on Sex: A union of Church and state…
When Bill Clinton had his White House sex scandal
The church did not rebuke him and take the high moral ground.
The consequences was that the state then legalized gay marriage
and imposed gay fornication on the “church” as a matter of civil law.
The same thing is happening now with Trump.
He has not treated aliens as God commanded that foreigners must be treated
The church has remained silent and overlooked his lack of compassion.
Now the state is preparing to treat the church
as the 666 Mark of the Beast will dictate and the church will have no recourse.

If Jesus does not come soon, who will survive?
Reaping what we sow is a principle that will not change until the harvest.

You asked a good question, the silence in response is both deafening and speaks for itself. The use of Bible to prove a point when in fact it says no such thing destroys credibility and in fact harms the cause of God. How often people forget that they are accountable for the things they say and the effects thereof.


This is Fauci in March… about the “number one preventative measure”

Neither CDC, nor WHO were mandating masks until much later. Many physicians split to this day about how effective of a measure it is. I have a close friend who is a surgeon with molecular biology background… he pretty much says what Fauci was saying. Masks are for sick people to minimize spreading. Later on the idea was that asymptomatic people could spread and that’s why masks would be needed to minimize.

But, these are not protecting you if you are wearing these. And these are not protecting people if you have symptoms. The bottom line, if you are sick… stay home.

As Fauci says, everyone wearing these is more of a symbol of pandemic going on. Not going protect you from inhaling or touching, or droplets landing on your face and your eyes. Masks give people false sense of security, especially in crowds. If you are in at risk group… shouldn’t be relying on a mask. It may help some, but it shouldn’t be your #1 preventative measure.

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I think this piece of the puzzle is flat out overlooked. If, let’s say if this doctrine has any relevance to the almost fanatical opposition to abortion we see around us, if it has any place in their thinking, (which will be vehemently denied) then in effect their religious beliefs are being forced upon non believers.
And I question the righteousness of that stance.


Folks here in Japan and many other countries in Asia from a young age are taught hygiene and about how to prevent infectious diseases. As a result mask wearing amongst other things is common place with none of the hysteria you read about in the US. Since the late 19th century and in the 20th century masks were used as well (in the US and Japan during various pandemic). The continued insistence that masks are not effective is not backed up empirical evidence.

Here in Japan where people are jam packed into public transit along with a huge number of visitors from China (prior to the lock down). Everyone was using masks back in January and when the lockdown (borders closed all but citizens repatriating) came in March they didn’t have to have laws and fines for either business or citizens like the US did. Nor did the LDP claim that it was a China virus or a plot of left wingers to damage Abe and tell the people it was imaginary.

Instead guidelines were given and business and people followed it almost without exception. Curiously enough Japan, Taiwan and some others in Asia or South Pacific had much better results in controlling the transmission than the US. Now some right wingers here attributed the success to superior genes and other racist causes but of course this is false.

How is it that a country like Japan with a little less than half the population of the US today only had 579 cases* today in total. The number of risk factors are far higher here in terms of people in close proximity to one another to go to work or just go about your day. In the US people have private cars to transport themselves to everywhere and the various stores provide huge amounts of space to make it possible to social distance. So the US should actually have less of an issue. The problem is that unlike here folks in the US were not taking the common sense tried and true methods to prevent transmission that that even our Grandparents knew to do.

It appears that here in Japan almost without exception people get science, biology, and understand that with freedom there is also responsibility. They don’t demand to go to the various shrines and temples to petition their gods or gather together in groups (some did and they paid the price and it was highly publicized) or have political events in person. You don’t read about any Christian or Buddhist church leaders demanding worshipers congregate or as a result have people get sick and or die.

It is ironic that in a non-Christian nation people have more of a handle on personal responsibility, patriotism and respect for life than many in our nation do.


Not sure what to make of your post.

Notably, “Africa” is not one country any more than “America” is. Both consist of many countries with different health systems. Some are public, some private.

In any case, the virus doesn’t care if you diagnose it. It will kill you just the same. The article I linked to earlier pointed out that the mystery isn’t why aren’t there any cases, but why - over much of the continent - so few of the known cases are fatal compared to other places. If the African countries were not diagnosing the cases, this would not be the dynamic. Instead they would have a high death rate compared to known cases.

Well, I don’t know how hospital fees would cause the virus to change behavior, but COVID is a terrible thing for hospitals financially. In the US they’re going broke taking care of COVID patients. Among other things, this is because their normal and more profitable elective cases have been put on hold to reduce risk for those patients and to make room for COVID patients.

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Maybe Mr. Marx had at least one thing right…
Something about opiates.

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Here’s the reason. Uneducated morons:


Well, Tim, maybe look a little higher…


There’s one place where this whole mask controversy became politicized.

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Ohhhhhhhh! You mean the orange monstrosity!


In reality that ideal hasn’t worked. I know Adventists in their 70s who were conceived out of wedlock! Denial is a long river in Egypt and does not prevent “immorality”.


“…some participants are not interested in what God says plainly in the Bible.” Judge NOT that ye be not judged, David. That is Biblical. You cannot and do not know the hearts of others. Your statement is what is known as a “generalization”, and generalizations are often inaccurate. I urge you to be careful in your accusations.


Oh how I wish for a Spectrum blog that discussed spiritual topics rather than being a place for an ardent defense of a politician! I’ve always known you as a generous, caring, respected physician, Robin. May I suggest that calling a highly respected newspaper the “New York Slimes” could hurt your credibility and dignity?

What does how much tax Trump did or did not pay have to do with the purpose of Spectrum or the Spectrum blog. The topic of this article is abortion. Not Trump’s taxes or immigration!, etc.

I’ve tried to say this as kindly and respectfully as I could.


At what age is it morally OK to kill a healthy child?

Or a teenager in Iraq?

The NEW YORK SLIMES “ highly respected “ ???

Were you aware that during World War Two the NEW YORK SLIMES
deliberately covered up and refused to report on the Holocaust?

Most of my very best friends are Jewish and they confirm this.

The NEW YORK SLIMES also refused to report on the
HOLODOMOR — the genocide by starvation which killed
12 MILLION Ukrainians at Stalin’s behest
( because the SLIMES was pro Communist and pro Stalin
at the time ).

More recently they put our nation through three years of hell
with almost daily reporting on Trump’s alleged Russian “ collusion “

Almost every day, new evidence emerges from newly declassified
documents, that it was HILLARY, not Trump who was
colluding with real Russian spies.

And we have yet to hear an apology from the SLIMES.
for this deliberate disinformation and franklY PROPAGANDA.

And just this week they reported in banner headlines that
Trump had only paid $750 to the Feds in taxes.
Meanwhile buried in the umpteenth paragraph of the
same article, an admission that Trump had actually paid
And it is a FELONY to leak private, personal tax information from the IRS
( including your taxes and mine ).


And it was not I , but HARPA, who in post #13 on this blog site,
FIRST mentioned Trump — I was merely rightfully responding to the
multiplicity of wrong statements in her post.

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But he is doing well, the COVID is not affecting him.
In fact, he just told his Doc this morning:

"I am fine, I don’t feel any confusionasky, I am completensky coherantisky, я могу управлять. Не волнуйс"
:laughing: :innocent:


There are two arguments that are often conflated:

  1. It doesn’t matter if we wear these or not.
  2. Wearing these without following proper procedures will not protect you.

The argument that Fauci makes is more along the lines of #2. Without proper procedure, these generally become symbolic more than these would be effective.

The argument is not that there isn’t any difference, of course there is some shedding in the volume aerosols one projects.

Here’s perhaps a broader point…

The first line of defence is isolation and hygiene. Masks can be incorporated into hygiene as a practice…

But mere requirement to wear masks doesn’t protect you if you don’t understand how to do that properly.

Most of the people who I see in general public disregard these guidelines. Generally, only medical professionals in the US are aware of the guidelines in a way in which they practice these habitually.

We touch our face on average 32 times per hour. People wash their hands, but not their face. I see people wiping their eyes after handling masks. I’ve seen people pull it down and scratch their nose. I’ve seen people touch their face outside with a mask, and then take it off, wash their hand and later touch their face. Doing those things are a very difficult habit to break. Almost everyone has this habit.

Hence you can’t merely judge the effectiveness of wearing a mask without proper procedures required for it.