Sex: A Union of Church and State

I am appalled seeing so much reaction against the use of mask here in the US. I wonder if those people expect to protect themselves using “positive thinking,” or some kind of miracle…

I wonder if the POTUS has finally learned his lesson, or maybe not yet uh? Maybe he does not like it, but being the US President, he is receiving the most advanced treatment available, the B.E.S.T.: Bleach Enema Shock Therapy. :laughing: :innocent::laughing: :innocent:


Too good! Why does my side ache?

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Well said Robin!
The “Slimes” it is.

Not that I’m perfect, but isn’t Abortion the topic of this this blog instead of politics?


What are some really good reasons for killing a child?
At what age does a child change from nonhuman to human? At birth?

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Was this the topic of the article? What do masks have to do with abortion?

You should ask people who I’m responding to. I didn’t change the subject :wink:

My point was not that virus would do something different. My point was that healthcare, as a business, can take advantage of “pandemic cash” if the oversights are loosened, and there are financial incentive to diagnose indiscriminately. Hospital admins and doctors understand it well. Their pricing is generally reflected by what they can get from insurance companies or their clients, and not based on actual cost of the procedures.

In fact, they only recently were forced to disclose pricing to patients… because of Trump btw. You couldn’t call a hospital prior and ask… hey, what’s your price for X procedure. Many don’t have any, because many will charge one person 10k, and another 15k for the same procedure… depending on what they know they can get, and there’re a lot of factors feed into it.


The word of God will be fulfilled as God sees best.
As I read it Donald Trump is to be destroyed after a few days.
If the Scripture is speaking prophetically (a few years)
If it is a reference to a few days after Yom Kippur (we will know soon enough)

Your [quote=“GeorgeTichy, post:60, topic:20852”] "I am fine, [/quote] was interesting.

Did you notice that Donald Trump got COVID-19 on the anniversary of the day that he mocked Hillary for her respiratory illness during their race for the White House?

And of course, you see the poetic justice of this situation.
Does what goes around come around?

You made a lot of good points. I have always wondered why no one ever has suggested that a person keep their hands away from their face. I had a friend who was getting one cold after another. I mentioned this to her and she stopped getting colds. Maybe not a perfect answer, but still it is one of the things that really helps.


It’s also national short person day. What does that mean in prophecy?


It means that Satan is proficient in turning people from matters of importance to trivia

Satan made me post that then?


Well stated Arkdrey.
I agree. Hospital billing is inscrutable.
WJBaker MD.

By the way, do you think killing children is sometimes OK?

God did occasionally order it in OT times. For example Jericho.
I think New Testament Christians are called to a higher code of morality. Love.
I have been involved in surgery for ectopic pregnancy in which the doomed fetus was sacrificed to save the life of the mother. To do nothing would have caused the death of both mother and child.
Beyond that, I have a hard time seeing how a Christian can kill an innocent fetus.
Remember, in the judgement at the end of time, one of the major criteria will be how the defendant treated “the least of these”. I’m glad to not have that on my conscience.

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Flip Wilson used to say “The devil made me do it”
Satan can tempt us, but he cannot make us do anything.

The real question is: Where is our priority?
Some folks make a joke about what they do not want to believe (Or what they do not believe)…
They did that in Noah’s Day too
And folks will do it up until Jesus Comes.

Igave the warning.
I hope people will hear it
but I am not responsible for how anyone hears the warning.
The Holy Spirit will move hearts as only He can do.

LOL you seem to have steered clear of the main points of what I wrote and went on a tangent. Please reread the post.

You don’t think that Trump got Covid on the one year anniversary of mocking Hillary that you posted was not trivia? Hmmm yours isn’t trivia but mine is? You must be the life of the party Henry.


Are you mad at Henry @Hischild because he unveiled your secret?
You should have been more careful, as are all the Jesuits on this site…


Hey Buddy, now that it’s been revealed that you work for Satan (I take @Hischild very seriously!), tell me, have you guys unionized yet?


I never seem to learn George. I suppose it could be my Russian connection :joy::joy::joy: