“When we want to be something other than the thing God wants us to be, we must be wanting what, in fact, will not make us happy.” ―C. S. Lewis

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As Christians we love to talk about God with each other. Sometimes we use this as an excuse not to talk with God. We see God off in the distance, like a young man might see a young lady, and we want to get to know them. We talk to our friends about the girl - what does she like, what is her favourite colour - trying to learn facts, but it is not a relationship. We might converse with her friends - what is she like, is she kind, is she generous, but still we don’the have a relationship. We can learn a lot of facts, even characteristics about the girl. We can even go to the same places, be seen in the same group but it is not until we talk with the girl that we have a relationship. God is the same. We can know a lot about God, we can go to the places He goes but it is not until we start talking with God, listening as He talks to us, that we have a relationship with Him.
How much better is it to sit and talk with someone to discover what they are like, rather than try to learn from your friends, their friends. God invites us to a relationship with Him. We can learn about God by talking with our friends, with His friends, but if we really want to know Him, we have to talk with Him.

I had real parents, who talked to God, evening and morning and at meal time. I was baptized by Elder Burton months before his untimely death. they have named a university after him. his wife talk me English, I loved all except the spelling. still have trouble in that compartment. So God was real from preschool on. The King James Bible was my best English and the Psalms my courage and joy. Then came the army, I was miss sent to infantry basic. It took ten weeks to get me back into the medics. Boy was Psalms my refuge, The local pastors were a joke. I praise God that I had parents that made a Christian man out of me. Moreover God gave me a wise, loving Christain wife. Now at 93 plus bound to a wheel chair and an I pad, I thank God for a great journey. He had anointed my head with oil, my cup runeth over. Amen.


Not everyone is cut out to be a pastor, but everyone can be an Adventist if they seek truth and can be content that not all answers are provided to all questions. Life is a journey!

Thanks Sammy for an excellent article. Anyone that hasn’t encountered doubts likely is in denial or hasn’t lived long enough. God is bigger, better and more forgiving than we realize. He isn’t threatened or hindered by my doubts and In my moments of doubt I am thankful to Christ who knows all about me, the good, bad & ugly yet…He loved me and gave himself for me. He, while knowing all about me, even so first sought me. Why would he leave now?
That brings new joy & hope every day.

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This was a deep blessing. Thank you for your honesty and courage.

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