Shawna Campbell Ordained at Loma Linda University Church

On Sabbath, September 22, 2018, Pastor Shawna Campbell was ordained to pastoral ministry at the Loma Linda University Church.

Pastor Campbell serves as the Children’s Ministry Director at LLUC. Her husband, Kirk, and their two daughters gave the opening remarks for the ordination service and her parents offered the opening prayer. Dr. Sandra Roberts, president of the Southeastern California Conference, and Randy Roberts, senior pastor of LLUC, presided over the service.

The congregation joined together in affirming Pastor Campbell’s call and commitment to ministry. For the Ordination Prayer, Pastor Campbell’s family, colleagues, and fellow pastors and ministry leaders from the audience joined her on stage for the laying on of hands. The Ordination Prayer was given by Pastor Alonzo Smith, who officiated Shawna and Kirk’s wedding, and Cynthia Campbell, Shawna’s mother-in-law.

Watch Shawna Campbell’s Ordination Service below. It is also available on the LLUC website.

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this was an uplifting ordination service, and i’m happy to have witnessed it here on Spectrum…congratulations to pastor campbell and her family…


May God bless the ministry of Pr Shawna Campbell at the
LLU Church and in the wider community; wherever she may
be called serve.


Congratulations…wonderful and blessed event!


Another blessed milepost on the way to heaven. Congratulations, Shawna Campbell :slight_smile:


What a wonderful service and may God bless you as He leads forward. Let no person deter or demean your calling to the service of God.


Congratulations Elder Shawna Campbell. May God richly bless you in your ministry.


Marvels happen in the area where I live!.. :wink:
Congratulation pastor Campbell.
Congratulations SECC.
Congratulations PUC.
Shame on the regressive and discriminatory GC!


Every local church should recognize and celebrate the Gifts the Holy Spirit has provided.


Amen! Thank God for the independent Adventist press and Spectrum in particular!

Conversations about these Adventist topics take place in very few places with the freedom given here for comment and discussion. :sunglasses:


WEB EDITOR; I notice that you’ve flagged/deleted two of
my posts on this site. I’m somewhat puzzled.
Please explain, so that ‘I can do better’.

Hi @ECCLESIASTES, only one of your comments got removed: the one that was a reply to an individual whose comment was removed for being off-topic. When someone’s comment is removed by us, all replies to that comment are auto-removed as well. If someone’s comment has been removed for violating our commenting policy, we always notify them. However, we do not notify people whose replies were auto-deleted, which is why we didn’t reach out to you. There’s a bit more info on our commenting policy page about replies to deleted comments being auto-deleted.

So, you didn’t do anything wrong. Your comment that begins “May God bless the ministry of Pr Shawna Campbell…” is still posted.

We hope this helps explain. Thank you for being part of the conversation!



Go preach like Paul and EGW, Congratulation pastor Campbell.

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I know it didn’t happen, but if the WebEd ever flagged one of my comments…, I would have, in revenge, flagged his/her comment as well… LOL :innocent:

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@GeorgeTichy, you wouldn’t be the first… :slight_smile:


Shawna, May God bless you in your ministry!


Before you guys delete this comment let me assure you I am a bonafide member of the Seventh Day adventist church, part of the volunteers for Hope Channel in our area and trust me I am not an off shoot wanting to be a prick in this discussion.

But, I am going to play the part of the prick amongst these agreeing comments. I don’t care about the ordination, that’s Loma Linda’s decision.

What I do care about is the fact the worldwide we almost broke as a church on this issue and continue breaking, but the voice of God through the voice of the people which is the majority after a long painful discussion on this topic decided NOT TO ORDAIN WOMEN PASTOR’S as a church, not as Loma Linda not as any private institution. As a freakin’ church, as one.

Can’t you guys not wait for another world meeting?

Thanks, I hope this comment even makes a dispaly before being deleted.

Ummm… I’m at a loss for words here…


Actually, if you read the motion the was voted you will find that what was voted on was not to move the decision on who gets ordained to the General Conference Division level. It has resided the sole prerogative of the Unions from the Time of EGW. The wording of the vote was such that what the delegates were asked to vote was to change that assignment of responsibility on a divisional level.


Why would it possibly be deleted Fernan? You did not offend anybody, you were not mean to anybody, you just stated your opinion. This is what everyone does here, and is respected.

Well, I am curious about your statement that says,

Can you please be more specific and provide evidence that this really happened? When?