Shawna Campbell Ordained at Loma Linda University Church

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Maybe you are receiving some coded messages, uh? … :laughing:

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Fernan, I hope you understood that I was not threatening you. I am not a figure of authority on this site, I am a mere participant. I was only intending to alert you about certain details of procedures here so that you could just fit in without creating a negative image of yourself.

We had lately some people (LGTarians) coming here to disturb the peace, so everyone is kind of on alert when we see a new person coming on board. Hopefully you are not one of those and will be able to mingle well with this fantastic group.

Welcome to Spectrum!

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so desune, itsumo arigatou gozaimashita

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あなたはいつもいつも歓迎しています。 あなたはいつも良い点を持っています。

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Hello, Fernan…welcome to Spectrum.

Could you explain this better/more?

"Simple point is, you guys should realize and own the fact that this will resound on a global stage and possibly trigger heated discussions and misunderstanding."

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The GC has been at pains to cloud the understanding of the meaning of the vote at SA2015. They called the vote, it is their responsibility to clarify what it really means. Instead they have perpetuated the misunderstanding as this suits their purpose. It allows them to take the actions they are presently trying to put in place. The misunderstanding is not just because of a language barrier, it is there because those who should be clarifying the meaning are being very loose with the truth.
I empathise with those whose first language is not English. It is a horrible language to try to learn. As one teacher highlighted - the only reason we have rules in the English language is so we can break them.

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I don’t think so. I actually enjoy it very much, maybe because there is always a new challenge as we never learn it “perfectly.” Like any other language maybe?

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Like this “language”…LasGeneratioTheologia? :wink:

It is a special mix of English/Spanish/Latin. :laughing:

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