Shirley Neil Pettis, Former U.S. Congresswoman, Dies at 92

Shirley Neil Pettis, former U.S. Congresswoman, Dies at 92. Shirley Neil Pettis, former U.S. congresswoman and supporter of Loma Linda University Health, died Saturday, December 31, 2016, in Rancho Mirage, California. She was 92.  She served as one of 19 women among the 435 members of the House of Representatives. She was sworn in just four months after the death of her husband Jerry L. Pettis, who represented the area until 1979. Jerry L. Pettis, a World War II flight instructor and entrepreneur, represented a district in San Bernardino and Riverside counties as a Republican in Congress beginning in 1966, bringing a veterans medical center to Loma Linda. From Press Enterprise, “Shirley Neil Pettis, Loma Linda University supporter, former congresswoman, dead at 92.”

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Rest in Peace, Shirley Neil Pettis, one of the first Adventist politicians.


I wonder WHY no body is doing Literacy among the East Indian Tribe? So they can READ and study the Bible on their own and NOT depend on some one to “Tell” them what the Bible says — which could be factual or could be false and untrue.

Zimbabwe – this is what Fundamentalism does for innocent celebrations.

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Why do we want to make ancient societies vegetarians? Nearly forty times in the OT God declared how pleasing the aroma of a burnt offering was. It seems that God liked the smell and taste of roasted beef in the morning or evening. On the Passover God commanded each family to eat mutton, not fruit or vegetables. Since God choose beef, goats and sheep to represent his promise’s and presence in the sanctuary service, would’t this be the real super food?

vandieman jeremy: I agree with you. But the entire event will be a vegetarian cuisine which is a diet that prophets and priest did not eat. I was impossible, by divine decree, to be a worshiper of God in OT times and not eat meat. I just think we should be honest with Scriptures. I think we should follow the example of Jesus which embraced fish and offer a variety of safe fish dishes at our cooking schools. But alas we can’t because of EGW.


i don’t get the feeling that this is what the dyersburg sda church is trying to do…i’m thinking they’re trying to incorporate into their diet some of the good things eaten by people in bible times…

one would think the groom would have known what to expect from his own uncle…why didn’t he hire a secular JP, or just elope…i think this episode shows poor communication and planning…

but the level of anger displayed suggests to me that differences had been brewing for yrs…these don’t seem like relatives who should have anything to do with one another…i mean who gets into a physical fight at a wedding over differences in religious beliefs…