Si Young Kim Elected New President of Northern Asia-Pacific Division

On September 13, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) held a Special Executive Committee (EXCOM) session to elect a new NSD president. Pastor Si Young Kim was elected, and his name was recommended to the General Conference Executive Committee. On September 19, the GC EXCOM members voted Pastor Si Young Kim as the new NSD president.

Elder Ted Wilson, General Conference president, came to Korea to chair this special EXCOM made up of members from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Mongolia. During the morning devotional, Elder Wilson quoted Jeremiah 32:27 and reminded those present that there is nothing too hard for the Lord. He also encouraged them to remember that the great gospel commission can be accomplished in this territory by depending upon God. Following the devotional message, Elder & Mrs. Wilson called Dr. and Mrs. Jairyong Lee, the retiring NSD president, to the platform. The Wilsons presented the Lees with flowers and gifts, and thanked them for their great service and dedication to the gospel ministry.

During the three-hour NSD EXCOM, members prayed and discussed together, and then elected Pastor Si Young Kim as the new NSD president. He received 24 of 42 total votes.

After the election, Pastor Si Young Kim said, "Now I understand why Gideon said that he is the least in his father's house. I believe that God will be with me and our Adventist church members in the NSD, just like He was with Gideon. This heavy responsibility is a God-given mission. I will fully trust in the Holy Spirit; He is the source of power. Please pray for me and my family."

Pastor Si Young Kim was born November 25, 1954, in Boryeong City, Korea. After graduating with theology from Sahmyook University, he started his pastoral ministry in the Middle-West Korean Conference. Pastor Kim then served as a conference youth director, hospital chaplain, 1,000 Missionary Movement director, and director of the SDA Language Institute.

Pastor Kim received a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, in the Philippines. He also served as the Korean Publishing House president. After joining the NSD in 2012, Pastor Kim served as Adventist Mission coordinator, PARL director, Pioneer Mission Movement coordinator, and North Korea Mission director. Pastor Kim and his wife, Myeong Sook are the proud parents of two grown children.

This story was originally published on the Northern Asia-Pacific Division website.

Image: / Si Young Kim, New NSD President shakes hands with Ted Wilson, GC President

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A full executive committee, all 47 members present, would look like this::innocent:

It is interesting to observe how we have moved from a grass roots leadership into professionally trained directors. Instead of people with natural talents driven by mission, as with early SDA pioneers, we now chose as our leaders those of an elite class of highly educated Ph.D’s. They are the only ones that need to apply for department leaders. Even President Wilson has his Ph.D.

We have embraced the idea that the Spirit empowers those blessed with the financial means and time to secure a Ph.D. excluding the vast majority of believers not so blessed. Would we today follow the Jesus Way of leadership? Who blessed the poor,castigated the rich and rejected societies elet. It seems our church would die if we followed the Jesus Way. Anyway, does not society and custom always change Biblical values?

I am reminded that EGW had a lot to say about this subject, which we have selectively forgotten. I wonder why?

“The light has been given me that tremendous pressures will be brought upon every Seventh-day Adventist with whom the world can get into close connection. Those who seek the education that the world esteems so highly, are gradually led further and further from the principles of truth until they become educated worldlings. At what a price have they gained their education! They have parted with the Holy Spirit of God. They have chosen to accept what the world calls knowledge in the place of the truths which God has committed to men through his ministers and prophets and apostles. And there are some who, having secured this worldly education, think that they can introduce it into our schools. But let me tell you that you must not take what the world calls the higher education and bring it into our schools and sanitariums and churches. We need to understand these things. I speak to you definitely. This must not be done.” EGW

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Perhaps, “castigated the rich”?

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The retiring President of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Dr. Jairyong Lee, was firmly in favor of the ordination of women. I wonder where the new gentleman stands on that issue.

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