Silent Sabbath and the Experience of God's Death

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Silent Sabbath, the day between Jesus' death on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, is not something that Adventists always observe. But marking the silence of God on Silent Sabbath offers a rich worship experience, one that you are invited to enter today.

This Silent Sabbath service was recorded at the La Sierra University Church on Easter Weekend, 2014.

"The lights are off for us today, and we are safe, because God is doing God's work," says Pastor Chris Oberg.

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(Rohan Charlton) #2

This looks really good. I can’t wait to watch it.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #3

An excellent worship experience. We have the privilege of knowing that the Lamb that was slain, is now our Advocate and coming King of a Kings, The Eleven had no such assurance. I recall the last person I watched die in WWII, a young woman, maybe 20, riding in the jump seat of a jeep. a Japanese stepped out of the woods, threw a grenade. That landed on her back between the back of the seat and her left shoulder. it blew a hole large enough to see her heart beating. there was nothing we could do to save her. I kept eye contact until she died. The language barrier kept any assurance but eye contact. It is difficult to watch the evening news, given my history. I pray, even so come Lord Jesus. I watched many die,but that entirely innocent late in a war that the end was obvious was particularly indelible. I doubt that the agreement with Iran will have any positive outcome, but not to try is unthinkable. Tom Z

(George Tichy) #4

Be warned that the speaker pastor is a woman… :wink:

(Thomas J Zwemer) #5

so was my mother. Tom Z


Bah, no need to worry George. I’m sure I can fix that. I’ve learnt a thing or two from watching Macgyver. Here, look, and see how I fixed the road out front.


(George Tichy) #7

But Tony, only bikes can go through. Cars will still fall into the crack! …

(le vieux) #8

More proof that duct tape can fix anything. :slight_smile: I even fixed my chainsaw with the stuff.

(le vieux) #9

Another roll of tape should do the trick. :slight_smile:

(Rohan Charlton) #10

This service was deeply moving. I hope many people watched this. Ro

(James Ponder) #11

This is wonderful! Thank you for posting this!