Sincerity in Rule Keeping Can Destroy


Things seem to be closing in on him. Not his opinions. His lies.

“Be sure your sins will find you out.”

(George Tichy) #162

I make my mind on Trump considering only what he SAYS himself, and what he really DOES. Things that anyone can hear and see. Just that is more than enough. If anyone still supports him after considering just that, it speaks loud about their character. Real tragedy!!!

(George Tichy) #163

Just a matter of time. I have the impression that a big bomb will explode soon, that will expose so much dirt that there won’t be a way for him to continue fooling so many Americans.


He will undoubtedly be exposed on several fronts. His foundation, now accused and confirmed of fraud by the DA of New York. There was also the fake university that bilked its students of their money and their degrees. As soon as January gets here, the House will subponea his tax returns. Then Mueller’s investigation. The DA of New Jersey is now investigating the crime of fake green cards issued for two illegal immigrant employees of the Trump Golf Course to secure their illegal employment. Now, the pullout from Syria and the resignation of his top General. His convicted attorney whose records and recordings no doubt will be the basis for some more criminal convictions to come.

Our economy is taking a hit from the trade wars he started.

His constant lying. Yes, it will catch up with him. His foolish choices will find him out.

In the meantime, the economy which Adventists in particular point to as his wonderful strength, has been in freefall.

(Allen Shepherd) #165

Would i say that anyone who supported Hillary was blind to her evil? No I would not. We make decisions based on what we see is best.

I am not quite willing to take a bet on this. i think it will be a nothing burger. But you folk are so dedicated to your ideology you cannot see the reality. BUT, I don’t know. Every other “bomb” has been a dud. I suspect this one will be as well. But unlike the surety of the left on this, I am not completely sure. Open mind, you know…

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I am not sure they can do that legally. But also, would it really be useful? The Dem’s have a chance to show that they can govern. Or they can go after Trump and loose every opportunity to make a difference. I hope they choose the former. He is after all, no ideologue, and is willing to bargain. They could get some good stuff, or they could grind the whole thing to a halt. I think Pelosi is smart enough to bargain, I sure hope so.

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I think, if you found the quote regarding competition, you would find as I recall it said excessive competition.


Indeed Robert, didn’t we grow up with a lot of rule makers who had nothing better to do than tell us we were on the way to hell.


Using this level of thinking is complete and udder non-sense…


Arkdrey, based on analysis of the writing, the person you are responding to engages only to be discordant and disagreeable often argumentative for its own sake. Their are a few on the forum who follow this type of pattern and apply it to all of article feedback they contribute. Sad…

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Insightful. Sad, but TRUE.

(Patrick Travis) #176

Great President! America first and not globalism first for the benefit of special interest oligarchist!

(Allen Shepherd) #178

Here is some more nonsense:

From American Spectator today:

Hispanics, by definition, are primarily a working-class demographic, as we on average own only a tenth of the household wealth of white families. Thankfully, President Trump’s policies of tax cuts and regulatory relief point to a brighter economic future for all wage earners, including Hispanics. For example, an incredible 2 million Americans have dropped off food stamps since Trump was elected. In the most recent government jobs report, wages for non-managerial workers rose at a 2.7 percent annual clip, the highest in a decade. The jobless rate for non-college graduates just hit the lowest level since 2001. These gains are highly beneficial to hard-working Hispanics, as Trump’s policies continue to lift the economic underdogs.

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Alan, I think you are taking this a bit too personally. My criticism isn’t directed at the entirety of your efforts and character, but rather at the behavioral and ideological patterns that I identify in the leadership of the church.

What I’m talking about as “fundamentalism” is not some identifiable doctrinal presets, but rather an idea that doctrinal presets that are piped through the hierarchy are circularly validated through the “authority” of the hierarchy.

Fundamentalism is essentially the Catholic take on the position of “apostolic lineage” that maintains the “proper tradition”, and by being initiated and trained into that position one maintains the truth.

Protestantism, to the full extend of Protestantism, is a challenge of “Papal authority” in all expressive aspects of such “authority”… including the idea of the “Local Church Pope”, in which case today it’s the local pastor, which then answers to the successive chain of “Popes” that are then getting their “proper theology” from God himself, and then graciously pipe it down to us mere mortals :slight_smile:

That’s the fundamentalism that I’m talking about. The idea that “truth” is bound to certain “authority of the pulpit” as opposed to be discovered as an expression in life of any person in the congregation… including those dreaded homosexual couples that are so wrong about their sinful state that they should abstain from sex for the rest of their lives.

I’m not saying that you are not putting an effort in attempting to “clone your mentality” onto new generation. I’m saying that such effort doesn’t really prepare the youth to successfully navigate the waters of the present-day culture, and it doesn’t really care to answer the questions about applicability of these mandates in the present day culture.

If it sounds judgemental and harsh… I’m not questioning your individual integrity. Again, my criticism is directed towards ideology that I find detrimental to church growth in the future.


Thank you again for demonstrating your prowess as a troll and your inability to ocintrol your childish impulses.

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