Sister White and Uncle Oscar: The Curious Adventist/Academy Awards Connection

Are you an actor hoping for the ultimate in Hollywood cred: an Academy Award? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a role as a historical figure, ideally a member of the British royal family. Or maybe you think, “If Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix can both win Oscars for playing Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, maybe I can too?” Well, may I suggest a kind of role you perhaps haven’t yet considered: an Adventist.

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Did the article intentionally snub the now-former Artist Formerly Known as Prince-who was raised an Adventist and won an Oscar for his song “Purple Rain”-because the pop star was baptized into a different cult in 2003?!?!



A generation or two earlier - Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane) who’s mother supposedly was SDA. :upside_down_face:

As an Adventist old enough to remember once “leaving my angels waiting outside the theater,” when I entered to watch a documentary about grizzly bears, and someone now fascinated by movie trivia, I thank you for constructing a most interesting rabbit hole. I’d mention one correction here— you’ve misquoted Sally Field’s acceptance line. The slight misquote is so frequently done that you’d receive more objections and feedback had you quoted it right, so I’m not sure how that plays out editorially. However, now that my angels are following me into theaters these days, I don’t want to risk anything by failing to point out where a brother stands in error!

Thanks for the light-hearted start to the weekend. :star2:

Not intentionally. And good point–the semi-autobiographical nature of Prince’s role in that film would counter my suggestion that “If there’s any limit to these curious connections, it may be to Adventists portraying themselves.” Thanks.

Adventists shun the cultural arts (except probably painting and photography) but are happy to “share the limelight” if oone of theirs makes it big. There is always a list of “famous” Adventist/ near Adventist/ could have been Adventist/ maybe was Adventist floating around on the interwebthingy.


Just a casual observation (no study or stats) but it seems that being an ex-SDA, or having been raised Adventist while not being a sabbath keeper as an adult, is more conducive to becoming rich and famous than to be a church-goer in good standing. (Ben Carson being a famous-or infamous-exception?!?!)

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Super interesting article, some of these I’d heard of but many I hadn’t! Will definitely look up some of these movies now.

are these connections greater than chance such that they’d be considered “curious”? is there an article in a JW forum talking about their connections to the oscars too? :slightly_smiling_face:

anyway, is there an adventist connection to martin brest?? i was at kettering in the mid 80’s when “beverly hills cop” came out and i remember a conversation with one of the college’s profs (i think beaven was his name; taught english) where he said his daughter was married to brest. i asked if he would go see the movie. he said “no”. it’s been ~40 years so i hope i haven’t manufactured that memory entirely.

Are you suggesting a new party game called “Seven Degress of Seventh Day Adventism”?!?!


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