Small Acts of Courage

“…and the dream outlasts Death, and the dreamer will never die.”[1]

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it’s so interesting that the rejection of jesus by israel’s leaders had plenty of plausible, even noble, underpinnings…no-one rejecting jesus was forced to confront what was really going on in their hearts and consciences when they concluded that he had to die…

i think that’s how it is with all rejection of truth, whether that truth is in the bible, egw, the church, the natural world, or in the lives of some of those around us…the rejecters of truth always have something that convinces them that they’re right, and that there’s something deeply wrong in the truth they’re rejecting…the actual reality of what they’re doing never needs to be confronted, and so it never is…no doubt the horror of the lost, at the end of time, will centre around how wrong they’ve been, even while they were so sure that they were right…there will then be nothing to mask the reality of their situation…

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Thank you for a thought provoking piece. It gave me something to think about, which is very rare nowadays

Thank you for clarifying the character of Thomas!

My oh my! Thomas was a good guy you know. He did not just accept things because someone has spoken. He wanted proof

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