Snopes: Link Between Vegetarianism and Longevity Unproven (Health News Shorts)

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Snopes Rates Link Between Vegetarianism and Longevity “Unproven.” The popular fact-checking, myth-busting website has responded to a popular social media meme claiming that vegans live 7.8 years longer than omnivores. The image, popularized on Facebook, cites Loma Linda University as its source and relies on data from an article published in JAMA on the first Adventist Health Study, conducted from 1976 and 1988. Snopes noted that the study found that Adventist vegetarian men and women have expected ages at death of 83.3 and 85.7 years, respectively. These are 9.5 and 6.1 years (the average of those two numbers is 7.8), respectively, greater than those of the 1985 California population in a univariate analysis. Citing research from several other studies that disputed the correlation between vegetarianism and longevity, Snopes concluded: “While an increasing number of studies are skeptical of a direct correlation between vegetarianism and longevity, the question remains controversial in epidemiological research. Therefore, we rank claims that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters as unproven.” For more, see “Do Vegetarians Live Longer Than Meat Eaters?” from

Adventist Health Collects Thousands of Pairs of Socks for Portland’s Homeless. Terry Johnsson, Adventist Health's executive director for mission, discovered that many homeless people in Portland, Oregon slept without socks and shoes, often in cold winter months. He learned from the Portland Rescue Mission that, “People will steal socks if they’re clean and dry. So many homeless people take their socks off at night and put them underneath them.” This prompted Johnsson, in partnership with Rescue Mission, to use a community concert hosted by Adventist Health as a sock collection drive. Over the past two years, over 6,000 pairs of socks have been donated. See “Adventist Health creates sock bonanza for the homeless” from Portland Business Journal.

Florida Hospital Exec Ken Bradley Will Retire Feb 1. Ken Bradley, senior executive officer of the Florida Hospital’s South/West market in Metro Orlando, will retire on February 1, according to a December announcement. The South/West region includes Florida Hospital Kissimmee, Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Florida Hospital Winter Garden and Florida Hospital Apopka. Doug Harcombe, senior executive officer of Florida Hospital’s North/East region, will fill Bradley’s role overseeing the South/West market, and a new leader for the North/East market will be announced. For more from Orlando Sentinel, see “Florida Hospital’s Ken Bradley Retiring.”

Adventist Health System Vying to Take Over Indian River Medical Center. Adventist Health System, based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, is one of four health systems in the running to take over the financially struggling Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, Florida. Indian River, a county-owned facility, provided 1,600 jobs that paid $140.5 million in wages and benefits in 2016, according to The facility has struggled in part because it offers less-expensive health services than nearby for-profit hospitals and free care to indigent patients, the Palm reported. In addition to Adventist Health System, Cleveland Clinic, Hospital Corp. of America, and Orlando Health are jockeying to take over the not-for-profit hospital. Final offers are due on January 19. For more, see “The Final Four: Which health system will be picked to take over Indian River Medical Center?” from

Loma Linda University Now Offers Doctor of Nursing Practice. The Loma Linda University School of Nursing recently launched a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program to replace its successful nurse anesthesia master’s degree which has been in operation since 2011. The new DNP program is designed to educate bachelor’s prepared nurses in the advanced practice nurse anesthetist role. The program is designed to teach students foundational concepts and principles necessary for practice in a clinical practicum sequence. For more, see “Loma Linda University Launches Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree” from

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(Pagophilus) #2

Snopes is run by left-wing activists. Take anything they write with a grain of salt.

(Jared Wright) #3

Two things come to mind:

  1. It’s interesting to me that people who identify as conservative have ceded fact-checking to presumed liberals (making facts the domain of the left?) while denouncing things that don’t fit a certain ideological mold as “fake news.”

  2. The Snopes article cites numerous studies. Anybody who takes time to, you know, read it can see the scientific research that is cited in the article and form their own conclusions.

(reliquum) #4

But if Ellen, Doug, Walter or Steven uttered it, it’s true.
No fact checking needed (or permitted).

Vegetarianism by itself may not be causal to longer life expectancy (except perhaps for the pig)-there are multi-factorial confounding issues which need to be considered and controlled.

Critical thinking is so under rated _(edit to add)_whereas ignorance masquerading under artful philosophistries is enshrined.


I have two family members with Alzheimer’s.

One has been a life long vegetarian, but did live for many years on an Adventist boarding academy campus where the spraying of the noxious weed killer ROUNDUP was prolific and frequent!

The latest cutting edge book on ALZHEIMER’S, by Bredesen does hugely emphasize the importance of VEGETABLES in the therapeutic diet for Alzheimer’s patients.
Sugar is verboten, so fruits are discouraged except for blueberries.

I myself have cancer and latest cutting edge information is that extracts of garlic, Brussels sprouts, leeks and green onions, are LETHAL for my variety of cancer cells. So guess what I am loading up on at the grocery store? Again, sugar and refined carbohydrates, which rapidly are converted to glucose, are banned, since cancer cells thrive on glucose /sugar.

Adventist vegetarians eat way too much dairy, eggs and cheese, which have been labeled as “fertilizers” for cancer. Also too many sugary desserts at “potluck”.

Regrettably they do not eat fish and are very lacking in the healthful omega 3 fats. And all vegetable oils are loaded with omega six fats which are TOXIC.


your opening line was where I stopped reading…“snopes” is not a “myth” busting site…your article has NO credibility based on using snopes…

(Frankmer7) #7

Left wing activists have been the modern touters of vegetarianism…goes back to the 60’s. Just so you have some context for your criticism.


(Smith) #8

An unfortunate, name-calling judgment on Snopes. I have been reading it for years and listening to such characterization as we have here by pagophilius. It has been shown to be wrong almost never. Usually we just get a pagophiliusian pronouncement for those whom blanch when they hear something said to be left wing.

(Steve Mga) #9

Your Article uses BOTH the Words — Vegan, Vegetarian.
There are BIG DIFFERENCES between the two.
Vegetarians DO USE animal products – milk products [which include high fat foods], and eggs.
Vegans DO NOT USE animal products so miss a lot of items that Vegetarians would use.
Both could use refined carbohydrates – sugar, honey, etc. Perhaps minerals such as Salt.
Each uses Vegetable fats – both oils and hydrogenated.

It would seem to me that other variables relate to physical longevity. One would be Activity, and the type of activity in the later years – past 60. Joint dysfunction would decrease daily activity. Over weight for height would put wear on joints and again prevent activity conducive to a sedentary life-style after 60.
SO, FOOD INTAKE is NOT the Only Variable to a longer life by a couple of years. What is important is being in reasonable physical and mental shape to enjoy whatever older years one is blessed with. So that one is independent enough to enjoy doing whatever one decides to do. To be a participant.
NOT Be A SPECTATOR, just watching others do their thing.

PS: Obesity – overweight for height – contributes to diminished life longevity. We see this problem among SDAs who are self-proclaimed Vegetarians. Overweight contributes to High Blood Pressure [resulting heart disease, kidney disease, stroke], Type II Diabetes [Hypertension is sometimes the first symptom, kidney disease with dialysis, neuropathy, amputations], hip and knee joint problems.

Victor – LONGEVITY. Back when Social Security begun in mid 1930’s the longevity of people was 70 or less.
2018 – Longevity is up to mid-70s, mid-80s. Since people are living longer this has put LOTS of STRAIN on Govt Soc. Security benefits, and other Govt Retirement Programs.
I can see the SAME PROBLEMS with Denomination Retirement and the strain it puts on finances. More Tithe and Other Income monies have to go toward Retired persons.
This should be another issue WHY Denominational Workers need to be on Social Security program, so their Social Security can be calculated with their Retirement Income Benefits.
Sustentation is a huge chunk in the World Budget.

(Sam Matthews) #10

As usual, Spectrum hates to miss taking a swing against the best parts of Adventism. Nevermind that many, many people are converting to vegetarianism to the point where the Adventist version is a footnote. The entire nation is awakening to the value of a healthy diet. Then there is the endless disgusting animal treatment that goes into meat. Animals are tortured and murdered for consumption.

Make me equal and don’t take away vegetarianism! It has huge value and we need to embrace it!!!

(Drhoads) #11

I got a notice at the bottom that I wasn’t signed up for an account. Hey, I’ve had an account here from pretty much the beginning! I did have to log in.

Sam Matthews–I don’t see this post as “taking a swing against the best parts of Adventism” at all. As a lifelong veggie I don’t find it offensive when Spectrum reports on a Snopes finding relating to one of our teachings. Don

(Jeffrey Kent) #12

If the Snopes article is wrong, someone please show WHY it is wrong with actual facts (data) rather than with a stupid philosopolitical wave of the hand. Get real.

I’d bet good money that a vegetarian diet leads to greater longevity. It has certainly been linked to a reduction in chronic disease and cancer. We just need a solid, contemporary, multivariate analysis of a large dataset. I’m surprised there has not been one. I’ve looked for such a study myself, and am not finding it.

More important, a massive number of studies confirm that a meat-based diet is much more harmful to the environment, requiring substantially greater land use, water and energy consumption, and pesticide and fertilizer use. It also generates considerably more pollution (land, water, and air), including greenhouse gases. A meat-based diet also causes substantial ecosystem disruption; species extinctions, particularly of megafauna; and diminished ecosystem services, which our existence depends on. If you don’t know what “ecosystem services” are, then educate yourself (Wikipedia will do the trick). Their contribution to humanity is valued at more than $100 trillion annually.

EDIT: The early SDA study, as I understand it, included Mormons as well. Both groups experienced greater longevity than the public at large. But while both groups eschewed alcohol and tobacco, one group consumed considerable meat and the other did not. There was no longevity advantage for the largely vegetarian group, which Kevin Seidel has suggested. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

(Kevin Seidel) #13

I believe most of the 7.8 year advantage of Adventists is due to not smoking and drinking. It is the whole package, not just the vegetarianism and that makes it hard to say that it is due to just the vegetarian diet.


great to see SPECTRUM up to speed

veganism animal liberation ?

(jeremy) #16

if the link between vegetarianism and longevity is unproven, it probably also isn’t disproven…for one thing, it would be quite impractical to conduct a study that would of necessity need to last 70 - 100 yrs…

but more importantly, studies contrasting vegetarianism to meat eating don’t generally distinguish between types of meat, and whether they’re processed…it is a fact that fish doesn’t have the kind of fat associated with mammals and birds, but do have the kind of fat associated with good human health…fish consumption is an issue mainly because of plastics and other toxins in our oceans, lakes and rivers, which is concentrated in its healthy fat…

mammals like beef, on the other hand, have horrendous dangers, most notably its saturated fat, which leads directly to elevated c-reactive protein levels, which are an indication of inflamation, which in turn indicates active pathways to metabolic syndrome and diabetes 2, alzheimer’s, heart disease, and several cancers…pork has even more saturated fat per gram than beef…

it is also a fact that the preservatives in processed meat cause free radical damage and are carcinogenic…in fact the world health organization has classified processed meats as a group 1 carcinogen…

in terms of the big picture, the world of meat eating has several unalterable undeniables…one is the fact that the length of the digestive tract of a typical carnivore is usually around 3 times its body length…a typical herbivore, on the other hand, has a digestive tract 10-12 times its body length…clearly, the dramatically shorter digestive tract length in carnivores is a protective adaptation…it means less exposure to the toxic tendencies in its food…interestingly, this protection is missing in humans…like herbivores, the length of the digestive tract in a typical human is 12 times his or her body length…

another unalterable undeniable is the fact that a meat eating diet leads to a decreased, or acidic, blood pH… not only is calcium leached out of bones in an attempt to neutralize the lower blood pH, leading directly to osteoporosis and other bone diseases, but a lower blood pH is the environment required for the growth of cancer…a higher, or alkaline, blood pH - associated with a plant-based diet - slows cancer growth…if the slightly alkaline pH in the cytoplasm of a healthy cell of 7.35 is elevated to just 7.5, cancer cells start to die…a blood pH of 8.0 kills cancer cells in a matter of hours…

as already noted, meat, especially red meat, is distinguished by its saturated fat…all of the most important western diseases are caused or worsened by saturated fat, or the combination of sugar and saturated fat…it goes without saying that a world without mcdonald’s would be a healthier world…whatever nutrients exist in meat exist in plants, and in amounts and proportions much more closely suited to optimum human metabolism…for instance, plant food has 64 times the level of antioxidants in meat, and infinitely more fiber (meat has exactly zero fiber)…

in terms of human health, there isn’t even one compelling argument in favor of meat, especially red meat, consumption …

frank, this line of argumentation is the one headship advocates use…that is, god didn’t punish david for having mulitple wives and girlfriends, and he didn’t reprove paul for teaching that women need to muzzle themselves in church, therefore only men can be ordained…

there’s no merit in this type of thinking…it doesn’t take into account the way god adapts himself to what the people he’s dealing with can handle…and even worse, it’s using non sequitur fallacy to overcome reproducible science that doesn’t hinge on premises…it truly is living in a bubble of one’s own choosing…


Curious, did you ever have a pattern of large amounts of sugar and carbs?

(dale) #18

As for someone who has seen a reversal of a heart condition due to adopting a plant based diet based on the principle of our Adventist health message, I cannot swallow the lie that an omnivore diet is equal to a plant based diet seeing that the omnivore diet got me the heart condition in the first place. I wasn’t one for processed foods as an omnivore. Also there is the China study that supports the merits of a plant based diet, not to mention today that rural Africans do not have the same chronic diseases that we do that kill us so frequently. The evidence it there but the thing is, if people can heal themselves with diet a lot of people stand to lose a lot of money. That is the reason why there is so much conflicting evidence. You can pay enough money to have a study say what they want it to. The glaring evidence is there, whenever our western diet becomes prevalent death and disease are sure to follow. As intelligent human beings we should be able to objectively look for evidence. In addition it was the diet that God gave to Adam at the beginning. It is the best diet for man. There is more than enough evidence that backs what the bible says. In addition if what God says isn’t enough for someone to do something then it must be asked why is one a Christian? Because that is at the root of being a Christian because it is the foundation of faith. God’s words are immutable and it is impossible for God to lie. Hence if God was lying about the diet or anything at all then it is best to burn the bibles and find something else to believe in. If just one article of the bible is wrong or any inspired counsel then God has to be a liar. However he is not, just because our feeble finite minds cannot understand or grasp everything doesn’t make it not true. At the end of the day if God says it I believe it, because God cannot lie, and when he speaks he causes the thing that was spoken to come into existence by the word alone. That is why God says let there be light and light came because he spoke.

(Frank Peacham) #19

God has given conflicting information about diet. He informed Israel to eat a whole roasted Lamb–or suffer the death of their first born. Not once, but every year forever. He enjoyed a meal of a young goat with Abraham, not giving him any dietary instruction. He said that that roasted beef on the sanctuary alter was a sweet smell to him. Jesus ate dried fish, not insisting on a piece of fruit, after the resurrection to prove he was not a ghost. It is a known fact that Jesus nor the disciples were vegetarians–they ignored the Eden diet. When he fed the 5,000 he provided all the fish they could eat and carry home–no Eden diet there.

Response to vandieman Jeremy: there’s no merit in this type of thinking…it doesn’t take into account the way god adapts himself to what the people he’s dealing with can handle,

You may say that God “adapts himself to what people can handle,” there is truth in this approach. However, I find it so inconsistent to claim to follow the Bible as the inspired word, yet discount portions that do not meet our view of truth. It is a fact that no where in OT or NT does God, Jesus or prophets ever speak of the Eden Diet as God’s will. God enshrined meat eating, lots of it, in the Sanctuary service. He could have limited it–but did not. Jesus used the example of “fish” and “eggs” in illustrating God giving us good things in answer to prayer. Try to tell Moses or Samuel that roasted beef or mutton is not God’s will. Good luck. God could have easily taught the vegetarian diet by example or command–but he did not. This comes from EGW who believed that God permitted man to eat meat to shorten their lives and to dumb them down in intellect. But only EGW say this, not one Biblical prophet or disciple. No wonder several billion Christians around the world do not claim vegetarianism as a Biblical Doctrine–because it isn’t.

(Adventist Australia) #21

Snopes is decidedly left wing…this can be established by looking at all the topics they try to debunk…they have also been proven to be fake news on a number of occasions…they site studies but then they make assumptions on those studies that are as whacked out as they deem right wing views are.

All we need now is the typical SDA meat supporter posters to begin throwing down the tired old diversion “oh but sugar”…lol…

(Gerald McDonald) #22

First off. About the fish that Jesus ate. They were in better shape than the fish of today are.
And then, using just our studies linked to the members of the SDA churches, there are at least suggestions that meatless diets is better for our health.
But thankfully we do not only have this study. We also have studies of other nations that have either low intake of animal products or none at all. These studies show even better health in this population than in the population of the SDA Church.
And as has been pointed out. There are many, I repeat many, of our church and those who have come to our point of caring who have placed their health in the hands of the Adventist Church, who will testify that following the prescribed interventions of our health message, has brought them better health and I’m sure that if we study this backwards, we will find that longevity has been a plus benefit.