South Pacific Division President Responds to New Zealand Mosque Shooting

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With all do respect tjzwemer,

You failed to mention the man that ran back to his house to get his gun and fired two shots and then chased the man or men involved in this incident. New Zealand has very strict gun laws. Didn’t help in this case. I’m sure that they have strict laws on explosives. Didn’t help in this case.

I carry when I go to church and if the need ever arises I will use it to defend those that don’t carry. You can be a sheep and be slaughtered or you can use the brain that God gave you and defend yourself and others.

I have more respect for the Jews that defended themselves against Nazi troops in the ghettos instead of walking blindly into an oven.



(Andrew) #25

Not true. If he could get his hands on that type of weapon in Australia (who have much tougher gun laws) he most likely would have carried this out there.

(Andrew) #26

That story circulating in the US by gun supporters about someone shooting back is complete fiction.

(C. Evans) #27

Stumbling block that just doesn’t bare fruit. Australia has as big a black market as the USA. Meaning, make all the laws you want and if you or I want a gun we can have one inside of a few hours. I take it you don’t and never have owned a firearm. So you really don’t understand the world of firearms.

(Andrew) #28

I have lived in both countries and you are just wrong 1000%.

Unlike me, you may be well connected with criminal syndicates but that is what would be required in Australia. You may know something about guns but nought about Australia. Have you lived in Australia and tried to buy an AR-15?

Are there illegal imports that don’t get caught, yes. Is this a problem, yes. Is there gun crime, yes, but minuscule compared with the US and rarely involving semi-automatics.

(C. Evans) #29

First off Sumbling I have not lived in Australia but have two long life friends who do. One is a teacher at Avondale the other in Perth. Second I am not connected to the underworld and don’t appreciate the remark. Having said that I do live in the real world. Ak-47’s are not legal in the US. In fact simi- automatic weapons are not legal either.

My point is, and try to read it slowly so you can get my point. IF a person in Australia, US, Germany, or you name it. And IF that individual is bent on committing a cowarardly and painful act of taking the life’s of innocent people, they can get a gun, bomb, or VAN they will get what they want. I sure didn’t hear any crys for making vans illegal when last year there was the mass killings in Spain.

Sumbling the real world is filled with dangerous people. Most of those people need serious help with mental health professionals but alas we have decided in this country to shut down facilities and limit investigation into these people who could bennifit from help. No gun, bomb, van or you name it killed anyone without the human being involved. Let’s stop trying to put band aids on symptoms and start treating to find a cure.

(Andrew) #30

“If you or I want a gun we can have one inside of a few hours”

Quoting your words back. Still incorrect, although I am sure teachers at Avondale may be an exception :joy::roll_eyes:

(C. Evans) #31

Guess you have never tried. Have you or have you not owned or tried to purchase a firearm? Simple yes or no.

(Andrew) #32

If have never had the need of one and unless I lived on a farm or was a sport shooter, collector or the like I wouldn’t be able to.

(C. Evans) #33

Obviously you can tell that I own guns. Enjoy target shooting and carry one against bears and Mountain Lions when I go fishing. If I go shopping on the Internet for parts or a new model, within days there are sellers both legit and very shady who have my email.

It’s no different around the world. So while I support intense background checks and firearm registration, that will never stop those who wish to do harm. Laws banning firearms will create a huge market for illegal purchase. And guess who will be first in line to purchase these guns. China, Mexico, and a few other countries know how to smuggle in firearms all around the world. So once again it’s not the gun but the human that uses these in harmful ways.

(Billman) #34

The response from the Division and local conference appear to be almost American right wing in tone. Prayer and condolences. But shall we act? Nah.

I then ask myself, have I acted differently?

To be fair to those organisations, there may have been other responses.

(C. Evans) #35

Hey Andrew, did you check out the details in the Netherland? A country with the strongest gun laws in the civilized world. Got his guns on the Internet. People living in countries who have very strong gun laws feel safe in a false fashion. Crazy people find a way to get what they want period.

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And then there is Switzerland…

(C. Evans) #37

Education, Training, Psychological background. Go figure!! USA has none of that period.

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