Southeastern California Conference Executive Committee Responds to Doug Batchelor

(k_Lutz) #21

From lighter perspective: pope-invites-doug-batchelor-for-peace-talks

Trust The Process.


Love your retorts!!!

Oh, I forgot to add one to the list, the most important one I’ve heard, indeed, the most horrific one aimed at WO supporters.

  1. Anyone who supports, approves, votes or otherwise approves of ordaining women to the Gospel is succumbing to Type 2 Spiritualism and is in league with the Devil.

(George Tichy) #23

Yeah, good luck with this one… :laughing:

(George Tichy) #24

Your list suggests that CONTROL would be gone. And for men who have an obsessive need to constantly be in control of females, this would be a true tragedy, a fatal attack against their flawed personality.
What could scare a man more than this when he is that weak?

(Elmer Cupino) #25

Did anyone really did say? Please have her/him call my office for an appointment, no charges. I’d like to make a case study as to what life experiences, personality traits and psychological factors would cause someone to pass on such a judgement as this. My office will soon be relocating to the GC building once the NAD moves out. That’s (688)-272-2537. Nutcracker for short. :laughing:



Thanks. You’ve helped a rhetorical question come alive. This is all true. Fear of loss of control, domination, and influence. This is the essence of pride and the ultimate separation from God.


The interesting thing about opposing God is that you will be disciplined in God’s way.

(George Tichy) #28

The Nutcracker Clinic

Elmer, go slow with the appointments.
Our secretary just informed me that there is already a long list of appointments for our services at the Nutcracker Clinic, since everyone but one employee in that bilding already made an appointment.

Man, we will be busy! I hope @andreas will be able to come soon to help us as a visitor therapist. Elaine @ageis7 will be collecting the money, she will be busy as well…