Southern Adventist University Student Found Dead in Dorm

A press release on the Southern Adventist University website announced the death of Kimberly Andreu on Tuesday, March 24. Kimberly's Facebook profile indicates that she previously studied at Instituto Adventista Paranense in Ivatuba, Brazil. According to preliminary findings, her death was the result of natural causes. She was 21 years old.

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wow…what a shocking story…this must be a difficult time for kimberly’s family and friends at southern…


Prayers for her family, friends, & the SAU community.


Kimberly was the daughter of a distant cousin of mine. She was a sweet girl, very talented. But like all ger siblings she had a serious congenital heart condition that may have had to do with her passing. We have little information so far. She will be missed by her loving, close family.


This again reminds us how fragile our precious God-given life is. We no not the hour in which is pass into the next realm. All we can do is serve our best. I wish and pray God comforts her family, friends, teachers, and school family. Knowing Collegedale well, I know the whole area will grieve. Blessings on them all.


Absolutely horrible!! Thoughts and prayers go out to Kimberly’s family and friends. May the promise of First Thessalonians 4:16-18 bring comfort and peace to all.


I pray the family of this young lady will be comforted and strengthened by the Spirit and Body of Christ. Blessings on her friends and instructors at Southern.